The Traditional Contemporary Emergent Community Church.

I have the privilege of serving as the leader of a youth ministry network in Virginia. I am such a fan of anyone who works with students. We meet monthly as a part of this network and I literally count down the days until we gather. It is such an exciting time to hang with these fellow workers and share together our struggles, ideas and creativity.

We are scheduled to meet this Thursday and I'm stoked over the topic. Here is the teaser for this gathering:
This Thursday we gather for a fresh, new topic and some incredible fellowship around the table. Don't miss our discussion as we talk about student ministry in these post-modern times. Many youth pastors are attempting to do cutting edge ministry in a very traditional church setting. Others struggle to bring a balance of traditional hues to their emergent church. Traditional. Contemporary. Post Modern. Who can keep up? What does your ministry look like? Do you find yourself frustrated with creating a ministry atmosphere that you like? Does your student ministry atmosphere gel with your church? What the heck is emergent?

So, I'm interested to hear what everyone brings to the table. We podcast this thing and thats great because we can share with our friends across the country who may want to take part in our discussion.

If you have thoughts, please email me before Thursday and I may choose to share them with our network.

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