Blog Shout: Jonny Baker

I've been following the blog of Jonny Baker for a while. He's got a creative mind and blogs about faith, culture and life. One of the coolest things I like to check out on his blog are what he calls worship tricks. I've already used a few of his ideas. Thanks Jonny B.

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Manic Monday Minute

Manic Monday Minute is a serious mind-dump that will probably take you one minute to read. Here are some thoughts going through my head right now...

  • This is the Manic Monday Minute
  • Whew! Today was a blur.
  • We had a great service on Sunday. Pastor Chuck spoke on depression.
  • We also had communion.
  • I took communion twice on Sunday. I'm not sure if thats even allowed but I did it.
  • Do you have any book recommends for me? If so, leave them [here.]
  • Read my bio on a conference website where I'll be speaking later this year. It says I have "the gift of twittering and blogging." I didn't write that. Ha. Is that like a spiritual gift?
  • Our team from Russia returned home last night. I can't wait to hear about their trip.
  • So glad my car is up and running. The car probs from last week really drained me. I was sidelined on the shoulder of the freeway at least 3 times.
  • Cannot wait till Easter! I'm stoked about our Easter plans.
  • Our youth ministry is on twitter now.
  • Ordered a new man-bag. My old one is worn. Can't wait till it comes in.
  • Had a great service on Sunday evening for students. Our youth ministry band did a great job leading.
  • I was on the way home from church last night and saw a light flash overhead. I thought it was a plane flying over and didn't think anything about it until today...
  • The media reported that numerous calls came through 911 dispatch last night about it - describing the light as a UFO, explosions, etc.
  • FOX News is even reporting the story. Looks like it may have been a rocket (or junk from a rocket).
  • Moving into my new place this week.
  • By the way, my new place... is directly across the street from the YMCA.
  • If this doesn't motivate me to workout nothing probably will. Can we say convenient?
  • Can't wait for American Idol tomorrow night. I'm so hooked this season.
  • I cannot believe Scott is still in this competition. No offense, but he has to be getting pity votes.
  • My car is in serious need of a wash. My redneck neighbor took his truck mud-bogging (I'm not even sure if that is the correct term...), so his actually needs one worse than mine does. I told him so today.
  • I actually have no clue where he would find a place to do this. We live in the city.
  • Here is a great, free newsletter provider.
  • Weather was beautiful today.
  • LONG day tomorrow.
  • Peace.
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    Latest Book Recommends

    These books were recommended to me this week by close friends. I've added them to my wish list & reading list.

    The Book of God - This was recommended to me this week by a friend who said his teenager read this novel within a couple of days and found it very moving. I've never even heard of it. He has since given a copy to several people and just from his explanation it made me want to leave the conversation and go immediately to my local bookstore to purchase. Click here to check it out online.

    The Art of Woo - I had a phone conversation with a friend the other evening and he suggested I read this book. What he didn't know is that I had already considered picking it up since Strength Finder identified "woo" as my strong suite. Click here to check it out online.

    Refuel - This is the latest book penned by Doug Fields. I have several friends who gave it great ratings in their reviews and I can't wait to get my own copy. I have another friend who created a teaching series based on the book and if I like the book I may very well do the same. Click here to check it out online.

    Any others I should add to my list?

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    Andy Stanley on Communication

    Ed Stetzer spent some time interviewing Andy Stanley about communication. Andy is hailed as one of the best communicators in the world and when you hear him speak you'd have to agree. His talks are compelling and one of my favorite things about him is that he always gives great application for the takeaway. His book "Communicating for a Change" is one of my favorites and has been most helpful in grooming myself as a speaker. In the five-part series on his blog Stetzer asked Stanley "if you could only give one word to young pastors about communicating what would it be?" Here is what he had to say:

    "Show up every Sunday morning with a burden that is so heavy that you feel like you will die if you don't deliver it. And pray for that. Because if you don't have that, then you just have information. The people will put up with all kinds of a lack of excellence if there is an intensity and a burden that has to be delivered. And many times I have looked at my notes and thought, "Yeah, this might be helpful, but God, what's the thing I can't wait until Sunday morning to deliver? And I honestly can't wait for Sunday morning.

    The other thing I always tell pastors, "If you preach from your weaknesses, you will never run out of sermon material."

    For the entire series, check out part one, two, three, four and five here. Good stuff!

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    Last year someone affiliated with our church took a tour of Historic Yorktown and couldn't help but think of some spiritual parallels between the historic landmarks and some very key biblical markers. This walk became something of significance to her and she later shared the meaningful experience with our children's minister. Soon "Crosswalk," a devotional walk for families, was born and a number of people shared in this experience in preparation for Easter. Crossroads plans to sponsor the walk again this year through Historic Yorktown Easter Weekend. Here is a little news release I worked up for media outlets:
    On Saturday, April 11, 2009 Crossroads Community Church will sponsor an interactive devotional walk ("Crosswalk") through Historic Yorktown in observance of Easter.

    The Second Annual Crosswalk will consist of 12 different stops at markers throughout Historic Yorktown which will serve as representations of biblical markers during the walk. From the Nelson House Garden (which will depict the Garden of Gethsemane) to Cornwallis' Cave (which will depict the empty tomb of Jesus Christ), participants will receive program guides that will lead them from start to finish in a 60-minute devotional walk prepared for individuals and families to observe the Easter holiday.

    Crosswalk is open to the general public and free of charge. The walk will begin from the parking lot on Buckner Street and is open from 9:00am - 12:00pm on Saturday, April 11, 2009.

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    I'm a Card Carrier

    I'm a Starbucks Gold Card Carrier.  This is nice because it not only allows me to get 10% off drinks but it also allows me to use the wifi access, where I use to have to constantly reload a dumb gift card and make sure I use it every 30 days to keep it active.  There's also a few other perks, like being able to provide discounts to family & friends on special days and a nice treat (of some sort) on my birthday. When I purchased the thing they also gave me a free (Grande) latte.  :=) 

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    I've Joined the Triiibe

    Five months ago when Seth Godin announced he was creating a ning community where leaders could gather I wanted in.  Over 4,000 people joined and then the community was soon closed.  Yesterday was a game-changer when Seth welcomed me to his Triiibe.  ;=)  If you want to join me the window is only open for a day or so.   Thanks Seth!   

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    Manic Monday Minute

    Manic Monday Minute is a serious mind-dump that will probably take you one minute to read. Here are some thoughts going through my head right now...

  • This is the Manic Monday Minute
  • This weekend we continued our series on Hope at Crossroads. Our worship pastor, Russ, spoke and did a great job bringing the message.
  • Had a fantastic prayer service on Sunday evening.
  • Weather was gorgeous this weekend. Loved every minute of it. Welcome Spring!
  • I'm thinking this video went over well. Its been viewed over 450 times on my site alone in the last two days!
  • A couple of my friends and I find ourselves quoting it now. I know, its pretty sad... but we do it anyway because its fun for us.
  • Got an email from this guy earlier today stating he had added me to his blogroll and loved his description of me. He is a cool guy. We've had some great conversations.
  • Spent most of the day getting my car repaired.
  • Radiator replaced, new tires, oil change, etc. Sheesh.
  • Our youth ministry is on twitter now!
  • Made some cool connections this week on twitter. Love me some twitter. This vid about twitter is hilarious.
  • Will Smith on TBN?
  • I have GOT to join a gym. yesterday.
  • My sister texted me earlier today and said she's planting a garden in her backyard. I guess she forgot she deleted the word "garden" from her vocabulary when we were growing up and were forced to work the family garden.
  • Ordered another Tribes book today. Definitely a great read.

  • The countdown is ON to moving!
  • Gmail just added a new feature where you can undo any email message. Check out this awesomeness.
  • Have been burdened today for one of my neighbors. She disappeared nearly a week ago and no one knows where she is.
  • Had a great time with some of our students at a dinner on Saturday night. Sharp teenagers.
  • Watched Kentucky battle Creighton earlier tonight over Wings. March Madness - oh yea. So glad Kentucky pulled out the win!
  • Praying for our team in Russia this week. Please pray with us. The situation is not good there.
  • My parents just told me about their upcoming excursion to the mountains. Now I'm wanting to go.
  • Just read the story about an Billy Graham's grandson, an alum of my alma mater, accepting the call to Coral Ridge - where D. James Kennedy use to pastor.
  • More probs with my printer today. Urrgh.
  • Tick tock, Tick tock.
  • Here is a great, free newsletter provider.
  • Catalyst West is now providing lunch for attendees. Does it get any better?
  • Signing off the blog so I can watch this guy speak [here]
  • Some how he secured a dinner engagement with Gokey and Sarver from American Idol. I'm trying to figure out how he did that. I asked this guy and he said "he's a lot like Ryan Seacrest?"
  • Peace.
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    Rock Star Culture

    This video, Ignatius, was conceived as a satire piece presenting the unhealthy rock star culture that is growing inside Christendom. Plain and simple, this is how*not* to do youth ministry.

    Produced by Travis Hawkins
    RSS Subscribers: There is video here.

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    Prayer for Orphans

    One of the things Crossroads is passionate about is serving orphans. We have been working with a ministry in Russia and send teams to minister in orphanages as often as 3 times annually.  We are actually sending off a team this Friday.  Many of our people also sponsor the orphans personally. I wanted to share this with you not only as a little more insight into who we are but also to ask for your prayers at this time.  

    Our church has just been notified that government officials are closing the door on teams working within the orphanages.  A year ago the parent ministry we work with here in the US received resistance from the officials in Russia but our ministries were granted approval with more stringent rules and restrictions concerning our involvement.  Now we are being told that this could quite possibly be the final team we send and sponsors are being asked to write goodbye letters to their children. It is really a sad situation and we are asking for prayer. God has done a tremendous work through these ministries and even though the door may be closed on us we know God is still in control and we can entrust the orphans to Him. Would you please pray with us about this situation?   

    You can find updates as we get them through our Facebook group. I will also try to pass along an update here on the blog if I receive new information.  Thank you for your support.

    Manic Monday Minute

    Manic Monday Minute is a serious mind-dump that will probably take you one minute to read. Here are some thoughts going through my head right now...

  • This is the Manic Monday Minute
  • This weekend was a busy one! I worked hard around the house getting prepared to move with any free moment I had.
  • These two weeks I'm doing a 'clean sweep' of the house, much like what you see on the popular television show. Sorting the trash, recyclables and stuff I'd like to keep.
  • Saturday evening I was surprised by a knock at the door. Standing outside were students from my former ministry that decided to bring me dinner. It was very cool to see them. We had a great time chillaxin for a bit.
  • We had a very manly service @ Crossroads Sunday. We had over 50 women on a spiritual retreat so guess you could also say we were multi-site this weekend!
  • We had a great worship experience with the youth on Sunday evening, despite some technical difficulties.
  • Just made an appointment to the dentist. Not looking forward to that!
  • Our youth ministry is on twitter now!
  • I've been contacted several times in the last couple of weeks by organizations who want to advertise on my site. Just sold a new ad that will begin in April. If your organization would like some promotion, just email me.
  • Working on a news release (to media) for something really big we are doing for Easter. I'm stoked!
  • A couple friends of Rob Bell were in our services this past Sunday. Got to speak with this couple briefly. They were very cool. They offered to let me stay in their home in Grand Rapids anytime I'd like to visit Mars Hill. (checking calendar...)
  • Received a call from a former student of mine a couple of days ago. She said "thank you for saving my life a few years ago." Wow. You never know the impact you make...
  • Lots of new visitors to this blog. Hope you hang around for a bit! Feel free to drop me a line... and while you are here, why not subscribe to my feed?
  • Just got off the phone with my mom. Love and miss her. So glad my family have planned to come for a visit! Can't wait to see them.
  • Mom is too funny. Tonight [when speaking to her] she was decorating the interior of my new place over the phone!
  • Contemplating fasting.
  • We're on our 6th day of rain. I'm just sayin...
  • Chuck promoted my site from the stage on Sunday. I may have to treat him to lunch for that one. Well, it was actually half-good. He said "he has some good stuff on there and some scary stuff too." So Chuck, we'll do the dollar menu at McDonalds if you are interested.
  • Just had a meeting with our leadership tonight. I'm so impressed with what a great team we have. Seriously.
  • We got a lot of our people at church signed up on Twitter this past Sunday! We're starting a movement. Oh yea...
  • I haven't signed up to participate in a March Madness bracket so far this year. Hmm... should I? I mean, I won last year... so I don't want to defeat everyone again.
  • Sold an item on eBay to a crazy lady. I'm so glad she doesn't have my personal info.
  • I've met a couple of people recently who literally quit their jobs because they are making so much money on eBay. I spoke with one guy at length who makes over $19,000 per month selling items on eBay.
  • I've had major probs with my printer today. Its been jamming like crazy!
  • Didn't get to go to Unleash last Thursday but watched (and listened) online with about 900 others. The notes are here and here.
  • Saw another ad for Catalyst West today. Man, I'm really starting to think I should ditch the idea of attending the Atlanta trip in October and head West. The line-up is unreal! Timing just stinketh for me.
  • Ok, Lomenick... step up the East game.
  • Crawford outta here!
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    I spent some time with my friend ChurchyDave on Friday and we talked twitter. He told me about something he learned through a recent webinar he participated in. The instructor told the participants that non-twitter users can actually follow you via text. For the Joe or Jane Smith who doesn't care to setup an account they can easily follow your twitter via text by simply texting the following from their mobile phone:

    text: followterracecrawford to: 40404

    (obviously they should use your twitter name instead of mine, but you could recommend they follow me too. :-)

    I tested it out and it works!

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    American Idol

    So I'm totally sucked into this new season of American Idol.   I haven't really been sucked in at all since Season 2 when Clay Aiken was totally robbed of the title.  We all know he won. This season I've even been voting.  Who did I vote for last night you ask?  Where have you been? I've been talking about it for weeks now on twitter and here on my site.  GOKEY.   I cast at least 50 votes his way last night.  50 is about all I can stand.  After that I just feel like I'm wasting my time or begin to feel like the most awkward of teenagers.   

    After last night's performances I'm predicting that Michael Sarver and Megan Joy Corkrey are going to be sent home.  I would have said Jorge Nunez but we all know the entire island of Puerto Rico will vote for him. At least, that is what I predict if America's votes determine things.  There is a buzz today that a "new rule" will be revealed tonight on American Idol... and word has it that as part of the new rule the judges will have the power to veto America's vote -- should America get it wrong. The executive producer of the show even hinted at this new rule in an interview earlier today with Ryan Seacrest.

    What will the new rule be?  Who will go home?  We'll see tonight...Drop me some comments and let me know your thoughts.  

    (photo courtesy, Joshua Treece)

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    my post 665 plus one

    This is my 666th post.  A few days ago I posted this asking for ideas on what I should do with this post.  I didn't get many responses (in fact, most of the responses I got on were on twitter) but have I've decided to let you write it.  Feel free to leave comments here to expose the devil for who he is... make him mad by expressing what Christ means to you...or has done for you... make it brief, go long... its all yours!


    Technology Shapes Faith

    Rob Bell interviewed Shane Hipps, author of Flickering Pixels: How Technology Shapes Your Faith, recently at the National Pastor's Convention. I'm ordering this book!

    RSS Subscribers: There is video here.

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    A Short Blog Story

    Last week newsman Bob Holmes, who I use to work with at WMHK-FM, phoned me. While we were chatting he told me that he had been reading my blog. He said, "you know, its funny because I recall a conversation I had with you years ago before blogging was popular." I said, "Oh yea?" Here was his recollection of the conversation:

    Bob: "Hey Terrace, have you ever heard of a blog?"


    Me: "Um... no. What's that?"

    Bob (thinking to himself): Boy, the young guy doesn't know what blogging is... I feel good.

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    Manic Monday Minute

    Manic Monday Minute is a serious mind-dump that will probably take you one minute to read. Here are some thoughts going through my head right now...

  • This is the Manic Monday Minute
  • This weekend was a bit of a bummer for me. As mentioned in my last post, I was sick all day Sunday and part of today. I missed services at Crossroads.
  • I enjoyed watching NewSpring online. Said a little prayer that one day we too may be streaming live! That would be awesome.
  • Worked with a dozen volunteers on Saturday to help landscape the front yard of the school where we meet. It was a very cool project and I enjoyed hanging with the other volunteers.
  • Saturday also confirmed that my calling is not landscaping. Thank you Jesussss.
  • Thanks for the prayers this weekend. A number of people sent me messages on twitter to say that they were praying for me.
  • This guy flew in from Colorado Springs, CO and spoke in our services on Sunday. I really hate missing him.
  • Lots of new visitors to this blog. Hope you hang around for a bit! Feel free to drop me a line... and while you are here, why not subscribe to my feed?
  • Someone asked me earlier today if I was on myspace. I wanted to say my wha? I literally haven't been asked that question in ages.
  • Congrats to this guy for making the best seller's list this week. I can't wait to read his book!
  • This weather rules! I wish it would stay this temp forever... or at least until I get bored with it.
  • Spoke to a pastor on the phone earlier today that was pretty worked up over the David Wilkerson prophecy.
  • Someone sent me this link from John Piper's blog. Thought it was an interesting take on things.
  • Cannot believe Peter Furler has allegedly left the Newsboys. Waiting for the official word on that. Word has it that Michael Tait is his replacement. I twittered this little bit o news on Saturday.
  • I like Michael Tait and have worked with him before but its going to be weird having him as the frontman for the Newsboys. Oh well, I wish them success and good times.
  • Its a shame they didn't ask me to lead the group.
  • Maybe I can take Michael Tait's spot if dcTalk ever reunites.
  • Can't wait for American Idol this week. What a shocker last week... Top 13!?
  • I'm rooting for Matt Giraud or Danny Gokey to win.
  • I found houusssssing! I'm finally glad the search is over. I will be moving in about 3 weeks. Preparing to move already. Boy I'm dreading the work.
  • Been doing a clean sweep of sorts to my house this week. This will continue for another week or so. This afternoon I sorted books I want to keep in my library from the ones I don't.
  • Its amazing how things lose their value quickly when you plan to move!
  • Good reminder.
  • Sending out some notes-o-encouragement this week. I use to do that quite a bit. I've been a slacker for a while. We all need some encouragement! I challenge you to send a note to someone. Go ahead, show your gratitude.
  • Crawford OUT!
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    Bailout - Perry Noble

    I was sick all day yesterday and missed all our services. Fortunately, several churches have online campuses and I was able to really enjoy church online. Well, about as good as you can enjoy an online service while dealing with stomach issues and flu-like symptoms (eww).

    I logged onto NewSpring's online campus and watched Perry Noble speak. NewSpring is currently in a series called "Bailout." I'm including my notes here from the message (or what some would call "Perryisms.")

  • “I think pro wrestling is real.” (yea! take that you haters!)
  • "We feel like the economy has put us in a submission hold."
  • “We’re taking our eyes off of Jesus and putting them on the economy.”
  • “God has not lost one ounce of sleep about where the stock market is.”
  • “Our 401k has turned into a 201k.”
  • “I’m about to mess with your god.”
  • "What I'm teaching requires discipline."
  • “We don’t like discipline. We want it now.”
  • “A bailout will occur when our bondage to bling is broken.”
  • Ask yourself, "What does Jesus expect?"
  • “Are your lips and your lifestyle matched up?”
  • Jesus didn't say "if" in this passage, he said "when" you give... (Matthew 6)
  • He [Jesus] spoke over 2,000 times about money, 500 times about prayer.
  • “I hate working abs about as much as I hate cats.”
  • “If you need to meet with me to give your gift, you just need to sit on it for a while.”
  • "Sometimes people strip the bride of Christ of her wedding dress and put lingerie on her."
  • "You won't find names on chairs here at NewSpring. This is God's church."
  • “Christians should be the most generous people on the planet.”
  • “You all are listening way too slow. Stay with me.”
  • “God’s B.S. meter works so well.”
  • “The two biggest problems in this country are consumer debt and obesity. It’s not because we don’t have enough. It’s because we don’t manage what we have well.”
  • “Your heart always follows your money.”
  • Ask yourself: "Where is your heart?"
  • “This church is going to survive without your money. If you don’t believe me, give to another church.”
  • “Don't count on your inheritance. Your grandma has already spent your inheritance. She bought a Buick.”
  • “In Kenya, I watched people who have nothing give.”
  • "Lets not lie and say Jesus has our heart when he doesn't have our treasure."
  • Ask yourself: "Who do I serve?"
  • "Satan is bad all the time, all the time Satan is bad" - Craig Groeschel
  • "They key to overcoming our money problem is winning the battle with our eyes."
  • "Money is the primary competitor of our hearts."
  • “What do you need to do to put Jesus first in your life?”
  • "God doesn't want to be in our top 5. He wants to be number 1."

  • ...and if you scrolled to the end of this post because you didn't want to read my notes, here is the message in 46 seconds.

    RSS Subscribers: There is video here.

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    Launching New Services

    This is a pretty big weekend for us at Crossroads. We are launching two new worship experiences, one more for 20-somethings and the other for students in middle and high school. The 20-somethings service [called "Kairos"- its greek!] is launching on Saturday evening while the youth service will be launching on Sunday evening. I'm excited about both but I'm certainly intrigued and cannot wait to attend the 20-somethings service (basically because I get to support and enjoy -- not lead!).

    This is really the relaunch of the service for older students (20-somethings, college, singles) that use to be held (last year) on a different night. Kairos is a unique, alternative worship service that would appeal to those who love community, the arts, and worship through different expressions - not just sermons, corporate singing, etc. The creative team met recently after hearing a buzz from people around our community that if the worship experience were held on a different evening they would attend. Soon the relaunch was announced and we'll be kicking off the new season this Saturday evening.

    If you are in the area (or traveling through) and would like more information, please email me. We would also appreciate your prayers for all our weekend services. We'll be thinking of you too!

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    post 665 plus one

    I am literally just a few posts away from my 666th post. I'm wondering what I should post that day? I twittered the question recently and got some interesting responses (some funny, some very serious) but I thought I'd ask you, my dear blog reader, your thoughts? Be creative. I may even give the person with the best idea (in my opinion) a personal shoutout and maybe a free gift.


    Save Time & Money?

    I received an email from a frequent flyer here recently who said "how the heck do I subscribe to your blog?" This dear reader somehow missed the links to subscribe on the sidebar here but I'm so grateful he persisted and took the extra step to email me for the info. (I've since tried to make the links more visible.)

    For those of you who aren’t subscribers yet, I’m about ready to save you a lot of time. How? Let me introduce you to Google Reader. I use it to track updates on close to 80 different websites each day. I get to choose what sites I subscribe to, and Google Reader lets me know whenever any of those sites has new content. No more surfing from site to site. All the content comes automatically to me. Isn't that the coolest thing you've ever heard of?

    Ever wondered what this orange icon with the white radio wave-like symbol was all about? That’s an indication that the site you are visiting has an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed available. If you have signed up to use Google Reader, you can just click on that button anywhere on the Web and you’ll have the opportunity to subscribe to the content. It’s simple…really simple.

    1. Register for a Google Reader account.
    2. Come back to my site and click the “subscribe by RSS” link.

    That’s it. Now you know why they call it “really simple syndication.” Here’s the best part, you can also subscribe to other websites using your same Google Reader account. Let me recommend 10 friends (and some of my favorite feeds) to you:

    Ben Arment - experience and innovation director for catalyst
    Tim Schmoyer - best "how to" youth worker blogger i know
    Zak White - executive pastor at connection church
    Tony Morgan - simply strategic guy and cso for newspring
    Josh Griffin - high school pastor at saddleback church
    Mark Oestreicher - youth specialties pres
    Clayton Bell - family pastor at every nation, tallahassee
    Tim Stevens - executive pastor at granger church
    Josh Treece - youth worker and master movie reviewer
    Brad Ruggles - graphics designer and church planter in indiana

    Well, you get the picture. You can subscribe to just about anything you’d like to know about using Google Reader and RSS feeds. The best part? It’s all FREE! I just saved you time and money. So go... subscribe.

    **For additional blogger recommends check out my blogroll on the sidebar**

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    Network of Professionals

    Yesterday I spent some time on the phone with a youth worker friend advising him that he needed to begin to build a network of professionals if he didn't already have one.

    One of the things that you have to learn in ministry is to know when to refer. Know your limits. I began to learn this years ago when I was just starting out in ministry. I encountered some particularly tough situations but fortunately I had a small network of professionals that I had built and was able to turn to in times of crisis as well as when there were things I faced beyond my expertise.

    I saw the payoff years ago when I was a director of a youth recreational center and we had hundreds of teenagers coming through our doors from week to week. During one period we had reports coming to us that teenagers were passing drugs on-site. Fortunately I had a friend who was a police officer and immediately phoned him. This officer, because we were friends and because he was a follower of Christ, knew we were operating a ministry and handled the situation with great sensitivity. He and a couple of friends began to monitor activities at our center and reports of drug activity soon diminished. There was one unfortunate night I'll never forget where he had to take a few teenagers into custody because of drugs but again, he handled things with sensitivity and we were blessed as a result.

    Years later I still have a network of professionals. And anytime I relocate to a different area I immediately begin making friends with Christian counselors and officers among others because I've learned that they are invaluable partners in ministry.

    If you are new to the field or don't currently have a network like this I'd suggest tapping some of your colleagues in ministry first. Seek out other youth workers or pastors to see if they may already have connections. Help yourself in the long run by building a network of professionals.

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    Should Men Cry?

    I didn't watch this season of the Bachelor but I did catch the finale. This season was the highest rated Bachelor series in five seasons and the finale has sparked a whirlwind of talk. This post is not about Jason Mesnick's choice to dump the lady he proposed to for the runner-up but actually about the debate that people are now talking about - the shedding of man-tears.

    ABC News did a piece on this called "Turning on the Tears: Should Men Cry?" after Mesnick broke down during the finale 12 different times. The story has received a mixed reaction (hence the debate) from the public. One person even wrote ABC stating "I like a sensitive guy as much as the next woman but unless someone died or you just cut off one of your limbs, cut out the waterworks." Wha?
    There is plenty of research to support the theory that men are just as emotional as women - they may just display their emotions in different ways. So why the harsh criticism when men do break down and cry? I cry. I don't cry often but when I do its honestly a great release for me. I cry most often during movies. I get so sucked into the story that it just captures me. So when there is a sad ending... [cue the tears]. And I'm okay with that.

    For those who do look to a role model, like Jesus, they see a male that was unafraid to cry. He may have expressed his emotions in other ways too but it is written in the scriptures "Jesus wept."

    So what are your thoughts? Men, are you afraid to shed a man-tear? If you are not one to cry how do you show your emotion?

    Photo courtesy, ABC News

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    Twitter Invented in 1935

    (click on image to enlarge)

    Follow me here on twitter.

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    The Greatest Weakness in the Church

    I read part of Brennan Manning's book Ruthless Trust last week. Here is a section I'm still chewing on...
    "The great weakness in the North American church at large, and certainly in my life, is our refusal to accept our brokenness. We hide it, evade it, gloss over it. We grab for the cosmetic kit and put on our virtuous face to make ourselves admirable to the public. Thus, we present to others a self that is spiritually together, superficially happy, and lacquered with a sense of self-depricating humor that passes for humility. The irony is that while I do not want anyone to know that I am judgemental, lazy, vulnerable, screwed up, and afraid, for fear of losing face, the face that I fear losing is the mask of the impostor, not my own."

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    Manic Monday Minute

    Manic Monday Minute is a serious mind-dump that will probably take you one minute to read. Here are some thoughts going through my head right now...

  • This is the Manic Monday Minute
  • Great weekend services at Crossroads.
  • We began a series on HOPE. Boy do people (including myself) need to hear messages about that during these cahrazy times.
  • Several guests in our services on Sunday. I'm amazed at how we always manage to see several new families each and every week!
  • Sunday we were also sporting some new banners in our lobby and on-stage. We had a little help from a cool designer friend of mine when we were putting them together. He does incredible work...
  • We had a huge party after our services for the entire church to celebrate the new season at Crossroads. It was a good time - no doubt. I was asked to emcee the thing. I know people get tired of hearing me... but I love the mic!
  • Saw Madea Goes to Jail on Sunday afternoon. The movie is soda-through-the-nose funny. I laughed a LOT. Now I want to collect all the DVDs. Halleluyer!
  • It snowed today! Not an overwhelming amount... but enough to close everything. Of course, here they close with just the mention of snow.
  • Spent the day working from home.
  • Fortunately I had milk, bread and eggs. Why do people even say that? I guess that means you can make french toast if you get snowed in. ;=)
  • Looking at a couple more homes this week. Fingers crossed. Saying a prayer. Hopefully this search will come to an end soon.
  • Registering my team this week for YSOneDay. Good stuff.
  • A friend of mine made me a buttload of brownies yesterday. Trying my best not to eat them!
  • Launching two new services this weekend. I cannot wait!
  • We're launching a new 20-somethings gathering on Saturday evening called Kairos, which is unlike anything in our area. Its going to be sweet! We're also launching a new student service on Sunday evening, which I'm also very excited about.
  • Working on our summer missions opportunity. Announcing it this Sunday evening at our new student service!
  • Connected with this guy on twitter tonight. He has the last name "Crawford."
  • We both use to tell people in school that our cousin was Cindy Crawford. HA!
  • Had an awesome time on the youth worker retreat last week. I did not want that thing to end.
  • I keep running across blogger after blogger that has decided to take a break. Makes me wonder if people are still reading as many blogs or if that has declined too.
  • Speaking of blogging... did you download your free e-book from the Exponential Network? Lots of great insights on leadership.
  • Halleluyer!
  • Just read a great article by Bert Decker about speakers and twitter. Great insight on communication. Love his stuff!
  • Its frigid outside. Roads are slick. Wonder if staff meeting will be cancelled in the morn...
  • Crawford OUT!
  • Labels:

    Signature Tweets

    I am beginning to be recognized for some signature tweets.

    Have you seen my Past // Present// Future tweets on twitter? I started doing this months ago. Twitter is all about what you are doing. Some people tweet what they have done... what they are doing... and some even tweet what they are planning to do. So I created my Past//Present//Future tweets that encompasses all of these stages of time. After I started doing this I got replies back immediately from people who thought the idea was creative or wanted to steal it from me. A number of people use it now and its cool to see that its caught on... but its a signature tweet for me.

    Another signature tweet for me incorporates the use of hashtags.  Hashtags were designed to help enhance real-time news among the twitter community.  You will see these follow tweet messages when people are tweeting a lot about a particular subject (live from conferences, during television shows, etc).  I have been doing this randomly just to be funny, typically just prefixing random expressions or phrases with a hashtag symbol.   #thisisthegreatestpostever  
    Do you have any signature tweets? You can follow me on twitter here.

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