Should Men Cry?

I didn't watch this season of the Bachelor but I did catch the finale. This season was the highest rated Bachelor series in five seasons and the finale has sparked a whirlwind of talk. This post is not about Jason Mesnick's choice to dump the lady he proposed to for the runner-up but actually about the debate that people are now talking about - the shedding of man-tears.

ABC News did a piece on this called "Turning on the Tears: Should Men Cry?" after Mesnick broke down during the finale 12 different times. The story has received a mixed reaction (hence the debate) from the public. One person even wrote ABC stating "I like a sensitive guy as much as the next woman but unless someone died or you just cut off one of your limbs, cut out the waterworks." Wha?
There is plenty of research to support the theory that men are just as emotional as women - they may just display their emotions in different ways. So why the harsh criticism when men do break down and cry? I cry. I don't cry often but when I do its honestly a great release for me. I cry most often during movies. I get so sucked into the story that it just captures me. So when there is a sad ending... [cue the tears]. And I'm okay with that.

For those who do look to a role model, like Jesus, they see a male that was unafraid to cry. He may have expressed his emotions in other ways too but it is written in the scriptures "Jesus wept."

So what are your thoughts? Men, are you afraid to shed a man-tear? If you are not one to cry how do you show your emotion?

Photo courtesy, ABC News

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4 Responses to “Should Men Cry?”

  1. # Blogger Matt @ The Church of No People

    I posted about this a couple of months ago and people overall seemed to think it was okay. A few woment wanted their men to be stones, but that was unusual. I'm with you, crying in the movie theater, or rather, sucking it in!  

  2. # Blogger Tim Liu

    Every time i see that show, i want to smack those girls over the head with a copy of I Kissed Dating Goodbye. Didn't watch it but from what i hear, the finale was more or less a perfect illustration of the what happens when you date with no moral, physical or spiritual boundaries or standards. You get your heart broken and kicked to the curb. Trying to work it into a sermon illustration, but .. nah.  

  3. # Blogger Terrace Crawford

    @Matt - Thanks Matt!
    @Tim - You made me laugh out loud on that one. I'd love to see you throw the book at them. Hilarious.

    Yes, its def. a bad way to get a date. The record is proof of that. I think only 2 out of 15? couples have actually stayed together (and thats between the bachlorette & the bachelor shows).  

  4. # Blogger Bob Speakman

    I definately sobbed watching "The Notebook". What a tear jerker. I cry when an extreme emotion is envoked... like the thought of my 2 year old girl growing up... I tear up just a little bit.  

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