The Greatest Weakness in the Church

I read part of Brennan Manning's book Ruthless Trust last week. Here is a section I'm still chewing on...
"The great weakness in the North American church at large, and certainly in my life, is our refusal to accept our brokenness. We hide it, evade it, gloss over it. We grab for the cosmetic kit and put on our virtuous face to make ourselves admirable to the public. Thus, we present to others a self that is spiritually together, superficially happy, and lacquered with a sense of self-depricating humor that passes for humility. The irony is that while I do not want anyone to know that I am judgemental, lazy, vulnerable, screwed up, and afraid, for fear of losing face, the face that I fear losing is the mask of the impostor, not my own."

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6 Responses to “The Greatest Weakness in the Church”

  1. # Anonymous Jeff Slack

    I have a serious bro-love going for Brennan Manning; he is one of my heroes. Katrina aside, the dude is so honest, intuitive and insightful that everytime I read something from him I am convicted, challenged and encouraged at the same time; amazing! What a great quote into the pretensiousness of the modern worship community; you almost want to argue with him that's it's not like that; but that's just the mask covering up our real selves.  

  2. # Anonymous Tracy Pressley

    I, too, have been chewing on that section my friend! I went and bought that book the other day and am still chewing on chapter one as well! I can't put it down Sweet T! Good stuff!!!!  

  3. # Blogger Rob

    Great post!  

  4. # Blogger Kelli in real life

    So very true  

  5. # Anonymous chris Harrison

    Powerful, indeed. I'll chew on is words for a while.

    This is where we need Dr. Phil on the church circuit, just to ask, "'s that workin' for ya?"  

  6. # Blogger Bob Speakman

    That's Casting Crown's Stained Glass Masquerade spelled out in book form.

    That is our problem. We ask each other "how'ya doin'?" but no one gives REAL answers... nor do we want them!

    Great post!  

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