Critics and Cheerleaders

Every speaker needs a critic and a cheerleader. Sometimes its a rarity that you have someone that embodies both talents. I've learned to appreciate the critic because she keeps me humble and helps me think constructively at how I can improve. I've also learned to value the cheerleader because he keeps me encouraged and helps point out all the positives.

I'll never forget a guy named Matthew who use to be on my staff years ago. Immediately (and I do mean immediately) after I would finish speaking on stage he would seek face-to-face time with me to tell me what was wrong with my message. There were never any positives. He was my critic. Even though I wished he would point out the positives what he was giving me was a list of areas to improve. He helped sharpen me.

Meanwhile another staffer, Lisa, would catch me when the event was done and she would boost my ego. She would point out all the positives and help me see the victories that I needed to see. I think I could have literally walked on stage, spit on the front row, and she would have said "that was the best spitting I've ever seen. The audience, while wet, really seemed to enjoy it." Ok, thats a bit exaggerated and unfair to the cheerleader... but you get the idea.

Thank God for both.

((*Names changed to protect the innocent))

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  1. # Blogger Rob

    Great post. I liked the line about spit. Funny stuff.  

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