Some of the Best Preachers Aren't Preachers

Some of the best preachers aren't preachers. They work at the wheel in another trade but preach when given the opportunity. One of the guys I could listen to all day long is Dr. David Gibbs. Dr. Gibbs is actually a lawyer by trade. He founded the Christian Lawyers Association and considers himself a legal missionary. I've had the fine opportunity of meeting him and hearing him preach on occasion and I'm always moved and challenged in my faith when he breaks open the scriptures. He is also one of the best storytellers I've ever heard in my life... which I think may be the reason he is one of the best preachers I've heard.

I'm curious... do you know anyone who can light up the scriptures like no other and they aren't a "preacher" by trade? Give me some names, links to audio\video or testimonies of these great expositors in the comments of this post.

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