Missional Renaissance

One of the coolest church leaders I have ever met is Reggie McNeal. Not only is Reggie a great speaker but he is a great voice for the church today and we should listen to him.

I was able to get an advance copy of Missional Renaissance, his latest book, and it is written for such a time as this. The current church scorecard is full of how many, how often and how much but Reggie suggest that we shift our thinking, become missional and develop a scorecard that supports an externally focused ministry, people development efforts and a kingdom-oriented leadership agenda. I'm loving this book.

By the way, great title Reggie. I googled "Missional" and "Renaissance" and came up with nearly a billion hits. Score!

Next Week: I'll give you a short review of the book and interview Reggie McNeal, asking him a few questions that are stirring in my brain.

You can now order your personal copy of Missional Renaissance from Amazon by clicking here.

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