I Love Stretch Marks

I love stretch marks. No, not the ones you are thinking of. Those are very unattractive. These are the ones you get after you've been stretched. Its like a medallion of honor that is never actually awarded to you. Over the last couple of months I've prayed a simple prayer: "Lord, stretch me." He is beginning to answer that prayer.

One of the things I'm excited about is working with the team at Crossroads. God has put together a great team, led by Chuck Harrison. One of the things about Chuck is that he is a great coach. I will certainly grow under his leadership and I'm thankful for the moments ahead in my journey where he will speak into my life. I will be stretched... and that will leave a mark.

This week I cruised over to this guy's blog and read a post titled "Best Leadership Material I've Read to Date." I thought of the stretch marks when I read it.

I've been speaking with numerous leaders all across the nation over the past few weeks and each one is being stretched where they are. I am burdened for them. I pray for them often because I know how difficult ministry is. The journey is not easy.

I spoke with one young adult the other day who told me of his recent weight loss. He's lost over 75lbs in eight months. I congratulated him on his accomplishment and he immediately said "but I have these stretch marks that are hideous and I wish they would go away."

Leader, the stretch marks I'm speaking of you never want to go away. The situation or season your are in may be difficult but the stretch marks I'm speaking of are beautiful and you'll want those to be permanently inked on you like the hottest tattoo you've ever seen. Forever.

Now forgive me. I must go buy some stretchy pants.

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