History in the Making

Not to take my good friend's tag line but last week was history in the making. Doh! Our great nation swore in its 44th president, Barack Obama, and I concluded my final week at Cornerstone.

I was able to watch the Inauguration from the comfort of my home (more on that later) and here are some of the highlights as I saw it:

Prayer by Dr. Rick Warren

Rick Warren: What a prayer. What an honor to be asked to lead the invocation. What a platform to point people to Jesus Christ.

Aretha Franklin: (thinking) I just worked that song... and that hat!

The Crowd: 2 million. Woah.

Dignitaries & Political Icons:  Classy.  I felt a sense of pride and respect for them on that day in spite of the fact I may disagree with their politics past and present.

Chief Justice John Roberts: (thinking about the oath) For the love... WHY didn't I write this down!?

President Barack Obama: (thinking about the oath) For the love... WHY didn't you write this down?!

Me: *puking*

Parade:  One too many marching bands but great talent.

Yep, I was puking. Food poisoning. Its not how I imagined that I would spend such a historical day, nor the story I want to tell to my grandchildren when they ask about such a historical day. The chinese food didn't work for me.

I am proud of our nation, enjoyed watching the ceremonies and I am committed to pray for our new president, his family and his cabinet.

(Photo: NY Times)

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