Manic Monday Minute

Manic Monday Minute is a serious mind-dump that will probably take you one minute to read. Here are some thoughts going through my head right now...

  • This is the Manic Monday Minute
  • Had a heavy duty weekend. Coordinated an overnighter with students. We played games all night long. No sleep at all.
  • Sunday was the first of two farewell services (for me) at Cornerstone.
  • Church threw me a very nice luncheon. Place was packed! Good food, good friends.=
  • This Sunday will be a tribute service I'm told. Guess that is kind of like a eulogy of sorts even though I'm not dead yet? or maybe it will be more like a roast?
  • Hopefully more laughter than tears.
  • Nearly forgot today was Martin Luther King Jr. Day as I planned a stop at the Post Office and the bank.
  • No offense to government\federal employees but it seems like they get a heck of a lot of holidays off.
  • Whats next... Flag Day? Boxing Day in Canada?
  • Cannot wait to see the Inauguration tomorrow.
  • I think Inauguration Day should be a mandated holiday. Seriously. No one will be wanting to work tomorrow.
  • It suppose to snow here in a few hours. Maybe I'll get snowed in and then I have a great excuse not to work. ;=)
  • I ate wayyy too much tonight.
  • Several friends took me out to PF Chang's China Bistro.
  • I've never been there. Food was very good -- just poor service.
  • Ok, so I didn't get my prediction about the Super Bowl exactly right. I expected the Eagles to beat the Cardinals. My mistake. I should have known better. Cards are ready.
  • A bit of a theme running on my blog this week. Topic is "transformation." You'll see at least a post a day in regards to that subject matter.
  • Was treated to lunch today by some local pastor friends. We ate at the Founder's Inn.
  • I ran into former NFL football player, Bruce Smith, who use to play for the Buffalo Bills.
  • Word has it that he is up for possible Hall of Fame spot.
  • Lots of stuff to accomplish before the weekend. I need to get some sleep!
  • Ok snow... where are you?
  • Crawford OUT!
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    1. # Anonymous Zak White

      I have a friend that is a state employ and gets off every year for "Confederate Heroes Day." NOT EVEN JOKING!  

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