Manic Monday Minute

Manic Monday Minute is a serious mind-dump that will probably take you one minute to read. Here are some thoughts going through my head right now...

  • Took the day off today. Loved it.
  • Just realized I haven't used my Busch Gardens theme park pass at all this year. What a waste!
  • Just connected with some cool new peeps on twitter.
  • I posted a huge Catalyst blogger shout today here.
  • Attended a luncheon yesterday to honor one of our star volunteers in our ministry who is moving to Florida. I'm gonna miss you, Bob!
  • I started reading Irresistible Revolution and The Shack today.
  • Anybody else anticipating Christmas? I cannot wait! I keep thinking about it this week for some reason.
  • I could seriously listen to this guy's voice all day long.
  • We're seeing so many new faces in our ministry. It is awesome!
  • My neighbor just bought a small scooter that is meant for a child.
  • He has been riding it up and down the street. It reminds me of Dumb and Dumber, the movie. So stinkin funny.
  • I'll be LIVE on tomorrow evening at 9.30PM est\8.30PM cst. Send me some mail (questions, comments, whatever) and I'll read it on the broadcast.
  • Thanking God for the sweet opportunities He has brought my way lately.
  • Our student ministry network starts discussing "The Shack" this coming Thursday. I can't wait to hear what these leaders have to say.
  • Check out Dave Ramsey's thoughts on the economy.
  • This really helped me understand things ... and now I'm not so worried.
  • Reconnecting with some friends through my Facebook.
  • Looking forward to a small alumni reunion this weekend.
  • Watched some football and had some 35 cent wings tonight with this guy. The wings were awesome!
  • TC like wingy.
  • BIG day tomorrow. Lots to do.
  • Thanks for reading me!


  • Catalyst Bloggers!

    Catalyst  will offer an incredible meet-up for bloggers by default.  I enjoyed getting to put together a blogger luncheon for WiBo and it was definitely a highlight of mine, but this time I'm simply attending a meet-up.   I would; however, like to know what bloggers are planning to attend the Catalyst Conference and planning to blog about it?  I've started a running list... that I'll add you to if you leave a comment with your blog URL.   

    Craig Groeschel Tim Stevens Brad Lomenick
    Tim Sanders Seth Godin Perry Noble
    Brad Ruggles Ben Arment Cole Phillips
    Jason Bedell Carlos Whittaker Terrace Crawford
    Mark Batterson Paul Stebelton Dave Daniels
    Kimberly Daniels David Johns Brian Brunke
    Steven Furtick Dino Rizzo Ed Stetzer
    Mike Foster Jay HardwickTony Morgan
    Tim Tibbles Aaron DininnyDaniel Decker
    Tim Liu Vince AntonucciTally Wilgis
    Shawn Elledge Jeremy IsaacsMatt Ramsey
    Scott McClellan Kevin TwomblyAnne Jackson
    Jeff Shinabarger Chase GentesStuart Delony
    Zak White Nic Burleson Josh Parrish
    Kevin Bussey Mike MorrisTravis Thomspon
    Mark LeHew Josh Perry Bryan McGee
    Michael Harrison Rob ShepherdBill Reichart
    Jennifer Schuchmann

    ...and be looking for special behind- the- scenes blogging and live video on a special Catalyst Backstage site hosted by Anne Jackson.

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    Site Shout: AlreadyBeenChewed

    Graphic genius, Barton Damer, dropped me an email early this morning to let me know about a new blog he has created titled Already Been

    The posts on his blog are related to digital art, motion graphics, video, web, and live productions - and how they can be used in the church. It is an incredible resource joint for ministries today.

    I first met Barton at Ben Arment's Whiteboard Sessions last May and was blown away by his motion graphics he created for the conference. Damer now serves as the creative director for RT Productions, Inc. (Igniter, Collide, WHM and Echo Conference) and you can see his fingerprints throughout this entire production company. Barton really captures his new site in one simple sentence: "serving up fresh media ideas for churches because nobody likes to be fed something that's already been chewed." Go check it out.

    one of numerous incredible pieces by barton damer

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    New Creation.

    Fellowship Church's praise team is incredible. This vid is of DEX performing "New Creation" from their soon to be released worship album, "Closer to the Start."

    The vocalist is amazing. The rhythm is incredible. The creativity awesome.

    (ht to Tony Steward)

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    I Smell Emmy.

    Take a Chill Pill.

    I must confess, I've been a little nervous about the economy. In fact, yesterday in a prayer cell group I'm a part of we prayed for the economy. I think I was okay with things until the President came on television Wednesday evening and declared that our economy was in serious danger. The average joe hears all sorts of terminology on the tube and is clueless to what this means for their sweet family. Enter Dave Ramsey. Thank God for him. He comes in, makes it all practical and gives us hope.

    I am subscribed to Dave's newsletter and a couple of days ago I received his enewsletter where he shared his thoughts on our current financial crisis and answered a number of questions from the public. I will share a few of his thoughts here... and link to the rest.

    Click on graphic to enlarge.

    Dave Ramsey just told you to take a chill pill... so if you are uptight, do it. I've just taken mine. Click here for more Dave Ramsey goodness.

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    Your Church's Gold Mine

    One of the biggest rants I have about the church today is about money. I'd never want to be in charge of the church budget, be the financial secretary or the like... but I do have a strong opinion on how money is spent in the church today. The most frustrating thing to me is watching money sit. I guess I see so many needs around me and around our world that I know it could be used for the work of God.

    The best example I have is a pastor-friend of mine in South Carolina who must have shared the same rant because I'll never forget something he did years ago. The pastor approached his church about the fact that they were "sitting on a gold mine" and weren't doing anything about it. After a careful tally they realized that over $35,000.00 had been sitting in a bank account and had never been touched for years! He then immediately proposed to his church that they withdraw all of it out of the account and send it to India to plant churches. Simply amazing.

    Why is this rare? Are we so consumed with ourselves that we forget the needs of the people all around us and around the world? As a church you may be allowing money to sit in an account waiting to be spent on your next big thing... but maybe, just maybe your next big thing is spending it on the needs of your community and on others around the world.

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    Essential Church?

    Why do so many young adults (18 to 22) leave the church, and what will it take to bring them back? This important question is examined and duly answered in Essential Church?, a follow-up to Thom S. Rainer’s best-selling Simple Church.

    The book is based on a study of one-thousand so-called "church dropouts" who were interviewed about why they left. Their answers are quite surprising, having less to do with "losing their religion" and more about the desire for a community that isn’t made stale by simply maintaining the status quo.

    The authors offer churches four concrete solutions toward making their worship community an essential part these young people’s lives again:

  • Simplify - develop a clear structure and process for making disciples.
  • Deepen - provide strong biblical teaching and preaching.
  • Expect - let members know the need for commitment to the congregation.
  • Multiply - emphasize evangelism, outward focus, and starting new churches.

    Additionally, you may want to check out some of the latest research by LifeWay as to why Young Adults are dropping out of churches. I haven't read the book but this research may be quoted as part of the Rainer's study.

    Want Essential Church for FREE? The publisher offers you a FREE downloadable copy just by clicking here.

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  • Post-Rapture Pet Care...

    "Have you ever thought about what will happen to your pets after Jesus comes back to claim the souls of the saved during the Rapture and deliver them to heaven to enjoy everlasting life? " That was the question asked by someone who posted an ad recently to Craigslist titled "After Rapture Pet Care."

    Who knew Jesus was a pet hater?


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    Manic Monday Minute

    Manic Monday Minute is a serious mind-dump that will probably take you one minute to read. Here are some thoughts going through my head right now...

  • It's just another manic Monday.
  • I wish it was Sunday. My I-don't-have-to-run-day...
  • Just kidding.
  • Sunday is actually a very busy day, typically.
  • Point is... the day off would have been nice.
  • Spoke at a conference this past weekend. Delivered 3 seminars on Pop Culture and received good reviews.
  • Talking with some folks about possibility of doing the seminar locally now.
  • I cannot wait to hook up with some of my blogging friends at Catalyst.
  • Got an gift card today from a friend. Love it.
  • I immediately ordered Irresistible Revolution and The Shack, two books I've been dying to read.
  • Please continue to pray for a pastor-friend, named Vernon, who was involved in a head-on car collision last week.
  • Wednesday is SYATP day. I plan on visiting a couple of local school rallies.
  • We've had a HUGE increase in attendance lately. Everyone is asking me what I'm doing? Nothing has changed. Guess the wind is blowing my way? :-)
  • Can't wait till this guy comes to visit. He'll be here in a couple of weeks.
  • I'll be LIVE on tomorrow evening at 9.30PM est\8.30PM cst. Send me some mail (questions, comments, whatever) and I'll read it on the broadcast. Tune in!
  • I will not be LIVE on Thursday this week.
  • Sent a difficult email to someone earlier that I didn't want to send. Hope its received well.
  • Experienced one of the most moving services EVER last night. The topic was "adversity" and it was open-mic. After several testimonies there wasn't a dry eye in the building!
  • LifeShare has declared a 24-hour prayer vigil starting tonight at midnight. Join me in prayer by signing up for a time slot.
  • Have a breakfast meeting tomorrow with a good buddy of mine at Cracker Barrel. I love that place.
  • I'll never forget Ed Stetzer describing it (on twitter) as a yard sale with a restaurant attached.
  • Made some sweet chicken & rice earlier.
  • Busy day tomorrow. Better rest up!
  • Crawford out.

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    I have a great idea...

    I have a great idea... Wouldn't it be cool for ALL of us to meet online at a specified time and just hang out together? We could worship... discuss theology... and maybe even just 'shoot the breeze.' Well, someone already came up with that brilliant idea. In fact, for the past few days LifeShare has been broadcasting here to the world.

    LifeShare, in a nutshell, is a 7-day challenge for all of us to extend the love and compassion of Jesus to our friends, followers and online communities. There have been times of worship (like the session led by Carlos Whittaker, pictured above), Q&A, prayer and, of course, lots of sharing.

    Tomorrow, Tuesday, September 23rd there will be no live video meet-up; however, there will be a focused day of prayer. Consider clicking here to sign-up for a 30-minute time slot and commit to pray. All of us could use some focused time praying. I just signed up. Won't you?

    Then join your friends on Wednesday, September 24th at 8.00pm CST\7.00pm EST for the final LifeShare broadcast here.

    For all the details regarding LifeShare, go here.

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    Since my last post...

    Here’s some highlights since my last post (8.33AM, EST - 09.17.2008):

  • Made a visit to Starbucks.
  • Started a new prayer group with a couple of great guys.
  • Was inspired by this idea.
  • Returned 9 phone calls
  • Delivered 3 seminars at a conference.
  • Resourced 6 people with youth culture books.
  • Toured Longwood and Hampton-Sydney University campuses.
  • Traveled 490.84 miles.
  • Watched a portion of the Redskins game and the Primetime Emmys.
  • Participated in LifeShare, a creation.
  • Made final travel arrangements for Catalyst.
  • Filled car up with gas (ouch)
  • Made some delicious BBQ Chicken.
  • 164 emails read|deleted|sent
  • Confirmed 73 friends on facebook.
  • Slept 21.5 hours.
  • Hosted a staff luncheon.
  • Fed 3 stray kittens. (JK)
  • Scheduled 2 future meetings
  • Enjoyed very moving worship services.

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    Former Korn Leader Coming to Town

    In February 2005, Brian Head Welch shocked the music world when he resigned from the band Korn and turned his life to Jesus Christ and focused on raising his daughter, Jennea, as a single father. The event set off a media frenzy as observers around the world sought out to understand what led this rock star out of the darkness and into the light.

    Significantly, and perhaps most importantly, upon his resignation from Korn, Head made clear to the music world that he had not retired from the music and entertainment industry. With his newfound calling, Head is committed to changing the youth of this nation through his music and other entertainment ventures. In this regard, Head later penned an autobiography of his life, entitled, "Save Me From Myself." Head gained further acclaim as a successful author, when the book quickly hit the New York Times Best Seller List (non-fiction). In his memoir, Head talks for the first time about his shocking embrace of God, and the decade of drug and alcohol addiction that led him to his faith, where he was completely and instantly healed of his addictions.

    Welch is scheduled to share his testimony and offer a book signing on Tuesday, October 7, 2008 at 7.00pm at The Life Center (Atlantic Shores), 1864 Kempsville Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23464. The free event is hosted by Recovery for the City International and is open to the general public.

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    Hermeneutics on CNN

    Today I watched this video of a CNN news anchor, Voddie Baucham and another evangelical speaker engage in some hermeneutics as it regards VP candidate, Sarah Palin.

    The top question: Would you be okay with Sarah Palin (who could literally be a heartbeat away from the Presidency) serving as president of our country when most evangelicals do not believe that a woman should pastor a church? Can we separate the two?

    RSS Subscribers, there is video here.

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    If Pigs Got Ink'd...

    Contemporary belgian artist Wim Delvoye tattoos shaved pigs in Beijing, China. He decorates them with smiling faces, Louis Vuitton logos and various words. Art collectors can buy the pigs and pay for their upkeep or purchase their tattooed skins after the pigs pass away, paying up to a few thousand dollars.

    Here's a short vid of his handiwork:

    I think Wim also gets gratification from inking his name on a pigs body.

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    Manic Monday Minute

    Manic Monday Minute is a serious mind-dump that will probably take you one minute to read. Here are some thoughts going through my head right now...

  • Its the Manic Monday Minute.
  • Is it really Monday?
  • I heard a radio announcer this evening say "Happy Friday." That is just wrong.
  • Very powerful services yesterday.
  • We had communion and Pastor Fred spoke on "Judgement Day." It was intense... but good.
  • We've been having a lot of new students lately come to our church. I'm pretty stoked about it.
  • Read a little more Blue Like Jazz today. I just love that book. Donald Miller is the man.
  • I cannot wait to hook up with some of my blogging friends at Catalyst.
  • Are you following me on Twitter? I posted some random happenings there today.
  • Attended a very moving memorial service of a former firefighter today. My pastor did a great job officiating.
  • I would like to ask prayer for a pastor-friend, named Vernon, who was involved in a head-on car collision on Friday.
  • I went to visit him this evening in the hospital.
  • In spite of the fact that he has so many injuries he still has his sense of humor...
  • In a room full of visitors this evening he said "the one thing I wish I could do right now is fart."
  • He soon asked for prayer. I said "Vernon, I've never prayed for God to help someone fart..."
  • Please pray for him. He is a strong man... but it'll take weeks of rehab and quite a while for him to put his life back together. Thank God for sparing him. Thanks to God also for air bags.
  • I'll be LIVE on tomorrow evening at 9.30PM est\8.30PM cst. Send me some mail (questions, comments, whatever) and I'll read it on the broadcast. Tune in!
  • I will not be LIVE on Thursday this week.
  • Been doing a lot of research and prep for a conference this weekend that I'm speaking at. I'll be doing a series of seminars on pop culture today.
  • Should be fun.
  • I watched Jeopardy tonight for the first time in years.
  • How are people that smart? I mean, really.
  • Spending some time dreaming lately.
  • Really trying to dream bigger than I've ever dreamed before.
  • Speaking of dreams. Sweet ones. I'm signing off for now.

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    Ray Boltz Comes Out

    I'll never forget meeting singer-songwriter,Ray Boltz. I got to work with him when the radio station I was employed with years ago hosted his concert. I was familiar with his hit songs, "Thank You," "Watch the Lamb," and "The Anchor Holds." I even covered his songs a few times, singing solos in churches around the country. Meeting Boltz was a pleasure. By far he was one of the nicest artists I had ever met.

    For years Ray has been out of the spotlight but Friday he returned to break some news.
    I soon saw the headline that read "Ray Boltz Comes Out." My heart sank.

    The news broke when Ray shared his thoughts in an exclusive interview with the Washington Blade, a news source for the gay and lesbian community. Soon after I read the feature story on Christianity Today's blog.

    My heart is heavy for Ray. I've had several friends who were gay or dealt with the struggle of homosexuality, so I know its not an easy life. I also recall the time I heard the news about Christian artist, Kirk Talley. Kirk is a Southern Gospel singer, who confessed to struggling with homosexuality in 2005. I followed Talley's restoration process, as I was on his email list, and recall the agony he went through - particularly with the Christian community. Talley is not a practicing homosexual and continues to sing in churches today. He was asked to comment on the Ray Boltz story but declined stating "I've been through enough hell,” but did consent to one comment: “I will definitely be in prayer for Ray.” “He has no idea the crap he will have to endure."

    Why does it have to be like this? Please hear me... I do believe its wrong for people to be practicing homosexuals (as the scriptures teach against it), but can't we be more careful how we handle people? How does it go... Love the sinner, hate the sin? Ray admitted that he has a lot of questions about his faith now. I just pray for him. I pray for his healing. The news is all over the internet today... and reactions (like this one) will be recorded, shared and published. I just hope and pray it doesn't become a bloody mess. We love you, Ray.

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    Seven September's Ago

    Click here to read Patti Gibbon's article, "Seven September's Ago"
    Click here to see a slide show, "Incredible Imagery of Two Parallel Lines"
    Click here to view bagpiper's tribute live at Pentagon ceremony. (CNN)

    (Photograph by David W. Dunlap/The New York Times)

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    Half-time Entertainment

    Jesus is My Friend...

    The Renewed Mind is the Key...


    (RSS Subscribers: There is Video Here)
    (ht to Carlos Whittaker)

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    Youth Ministry Mentorship

    Here is a little something for your radar... Last week Tim Schmoyer officially launched a mentorship program for youth workers in the field. He procured sponsorship, developed a mentorship team and put together an application process for youth workers -- just to mention a few things. He has received hundreds of applications already from youth workers who have been in the field for two years and under who desire a mentor. Applicants accepted into the program will receive mentoring with emphasis in three different areas: personal, spiritual and ministry growth. The best part about it is its all FREE of charge.

    Recently Tim made a trip to Va Beach to visit some friends and also met with me to discuss all things youth ministry. Sometime after our meeting Tim called and asked me to join his team of mentors and I gladly accepted.

    The application process has been closed for now but keep this on your radar for the next time to apply, January 2009. Click here for more information on the mentorship program.

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    Help Healing Place...

    We were fortunate to not have much damage from Hanna; however the folks in the gulf have felt the impact of Hurricane Gustav. Pastor Dino Rizzo and the good folks at Healing Place Church have stepped up and are really working hard to meet the needs of their community in Baton Rouge, but they need your help.

    Hurricane Relief Vid by Catalyst

    Order your blue tarps at this link and have it shipped here:

    Healing Place Church
    19202 Highland Road
    Baton Rouge, LA 70809

    Thank you in advance for responding to the need.

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    Site Shout:

    This weekend my friend, ChurchyDave, overheard me telling his wife how I'd like to take some classes at a community college on graphics design, among other things. He immediately told me about which offers over 400 training programs -- ALL online. For only $25.00 a month you can literally have access to (get this) EVERY program. I was blown away. What an incredible resource.

    Then Dave told me that he got to interview the people behind earlier this year (video follows) when he attended the NAB in Las Vegas. With over 400+ training program titles, I'm sure you'll find what you need training in... and if you don't, I guess it'll be time to enroll in a community college near you! :-)

    NAB - from Churchy

    Lynda is such a nice lady.

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    Do me a favor...

    It appears my Facebook account may have been hijacked. This weekend I found my account deleted and someone else is the admin of a facebook group that I created! I have tried to work with the Facebook support group ... and the nicest thing I can say about them is that they responded to my inquiry. They have been less than helpful. I was tempted to never use facebook again. If I did not value networking and connecting with friends I would not have created a new account. I'm still working on getting control of the facebook group.

    This morning I created a new account but it will take a little time to rebuild my network. Would you do me a favor and take a moment to add me as a friend so I do not have to look for you? Thanks.

    Back at the helm of the facebook group! Thanks to this guy who stepped in and played gatekeeper so the hacker wouldn't tamper with our community. Thanks Joe!
    (6.21pm, est - Tuesday, Sept 09)

    Manic Monday Minute

    Manic Monday Minute is a serious mind-dump that will probably take you one minute to read. Here are some thoughts going through my head right now...

  • Its the Manic Monday Minute.
  • I missed the M-cubed last week... but enjoyed Labor Day.
  • Awesome services yesterday.
  • Had to be apart of a skit during our morning worship services this weekend. I played a guy who loved to drink, play strip poker and golf. It was hilarious...
  • I don't get to act much... so I enjoyed it.
  • Seems weird that is not up and running. Clay and the folks at Barefoot did a great job with it.
  • I'm regretting the fact that I missed the UFC fight over the weekend. Did you see it?
  • Speaking of TV, did you see Oprah today? It was her season premiere and she had ALL the medal winners on her show.
  • She didn't just get one or two medal winners... nah, she got ALL 175 medal winners. Wow.
  • Are you following me on Twitter? Shoutout to my peeps!
  • My house needs a serious top-to-bottom cleaning. Where is the motivation?
  • Well, school is back in session. Pray for our students.
  • Eating a nice bowl of chili now. Want some?
  • Watched the VMAs last night. Blogged my thoughts here.
  • I had a blast giving away FREE resources last week to youth workers. Seems odd not to be doing it daily this week.
  • TONS of new readers to my blog within the last two weeks. If you are new, welcome!
  • It has been cool connecting with lots of new people. If you are new here and haven't said hello, please leave a comment!
  • I announced earlier that Life on Life has a broadcast channel now. I'll be LIVE on tomorrow evening with Tim Schmoyer at at 10PM est \ 9PM cst. If you have youth ministry questions you'd like to ask Tim or myself, email me before 12noon tomorrow.
  • Can't wait to attend Catalyst in October... its going to be awesome.
  • I wish this were a short week. I'm kinda ready for the weekend already. That is not good.
  • Ok, I'm out.

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    2008 MTV VMAs

    I watched the train-wreck of a broadcast, known as the MTV VMAs last night. Here are a few thoughts I jotted down while watching this years' show...

  • I LOVED the exchange between Britney Spears and Jonah Hill. That was hilarious!
  • Who is this host? Russell Brand. The english comedian, a raging sex-addict (by his own admission) was a very poor choice as host - that is, unless the producers wanted to procur a host that would cause controversy and talk about sex throughout the entire broadcast.
  • There is an obvious format change and a smaller audience than normal.
  • Brand is striking nerves of viewers with his overly sexual and crude humor and his political stance.
  • It is evident MTV is trying to recreate Britney Spears.
  • Although Britney is coming off as the Britney we once knew. Anyone else think this?
  • Brand is making fun of the Jonas brothers choice of abstinence (and their "promise rings").
  • I don't care for most of the performances. The quality just isn't there.
  • Christina Aguilera has returned to her roots. What happened to the 20s-40s throwback girl?
  • Whenever I see Katy Perry all I can think about is the fact that she is a pastor's daughter and use to live her life deeply devoted to God.
  • Jordin Sparks is definitely counter-culture: "It's okay to wear a promise ring, she said from the stage, because not everyone wants to be a slut."
  • Britney stole the show (or was it handed to her?) winning 3 trophies and was upheld by everyone present.
  • Perez Hilton in a post-show interview even blasted Russell Brand for ridiculing the Jonas Brothers stating his respect for their values.
  • How can MTV continue with the VMAs when their network isn't even about MUSIC or VIDEOS anymore?

    (graphic: MTV)

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  • (LoL) with Tim Schmoyer

    Life on Life is a new feature where I interview leaders from around the country who are doing this thing called LIFE. In this interview my friend, Tim Schmoyer, Pastor of Student Ministries at Evangelical Covenant Church in MN, shares his life with us.

    Me: What book(s) have most shaped you?
    Tim: The Bible, Basic Theology by Charles Ryrie, So Great Salvation by Charles Ryrie

    Me: You are a blogger. What have you learned through blogging? What do you enjoy about it?
    Tim: I've learned that they Lord can use even someone as naive as me to help others in the Kingdom. What I like best is that it challenges me to be continually thinking, evaluating and learning ministry so that I don't fall into a rut in my own church.

    Me: Most embarassing moment from the platform?
    Tim: I don't think I've ever been embarrassed, but I've definitely had my fair share of youth ministry bloopers. Once I was giving a talk about how we need to prepare spiritually before the temptations come so we can stand strong when they hit. I used an illustration of the Alaskan Moose and how they work hard in the spring to grow a big strong rack of antlers so they can win the battles later in the fall. The kids were snickering the whole time, but I thought nothing of it until I said, "And the one with the biggest rack wins." Then they all bused up laughing. Turns out they were all thinking of a womans' chest.

    Me: Where do you turn for inspiration (besides Christ Jesus of course)?
    Tim: Blogs, podcasts (mostly and NewSpring), conflict that arises in my own life and ministry.

    Me: Considering you are a youth pastor, what is the most notable advice you would provide other youth pastors with?
    Tim: If you really believed in the power of prayer, you'd spend a lot more time praying and a lot less time "doing" ministry. Prayer is the most effective and powerful tool in ministry. (James 5:16) Pray!

    Me: What is the biggest lesson you've learned through your family?
    Tim: That you can be the biggest bonehead and they'll still love you, an example of Christ.

    Me: What do you dislike most about ministry?
    Tim: All the hype over different philosophies, the waves of different fads and band wagons everyone jumps on, and the big meat market it's turning into for selling products.

    Me: What do you like most about ministry?
    Tim: Seeing that light-bulb turn on for a teen when they've heard a spiritual truth a hundred times, but that 101th time it just clicks, they get it and it changes their lives.

    Me: Give us three of the best (yet maybe underrated) resources available to youth pastors today...

    1. The Holy Spirit (Seriously, people completely under-rate the
    Holy Spirit! He's the ONLY one who can create life change, not a curriculum or small group leader. That's part of why prayer is so important.)
    2. Your Senior Pastor (I'm assuming they've been in ministry much longer than you and share your passion to see people grow spiritually. Learn from them. Talk with them. Ask them questions. Share your struggles. Invite them over for dinner. Pray with them.)
    3. Senior citizens in your church (They have so much to offer, they've raised teenagers already, they have the life experience and wisdom most of us could only dream of, they have time to invest into ministry, and they have huge hearts for people. Use them in youth ministry!)

    Me: Hobbies?
    Tim: Blogging, playing Guild Wars (video game), hanging out with my wife.

    Me: What is something that most people don't know about you?
    Tim: I've never had gum, soda or most candies. Growing up I couldn't have any food that was artificially colored, flavored or preserved due to a reoccuring tumor in my left ear. Several surgeries later, the tumor is finally gone (along with half of a normal person's hearing ability in that ear), but I still choose to eat and drink only all-natural foods just because it's healthier for me. Besides, since I can't miss something I've never had, I have no desire to even try gum or soda in the first place. The only candy I've ever had is chocolate. Never chewed a stick of gum in my life. Never had a coke.

    For more on Tim Schmoyer, click here.

    You like this post? Subscribe here for more goodness.

    Tim Schmoyer will join yours truly for the broadcast (via UStream) tomorrow evening (Tuesday) @ 10PM EST | 9PM CST for a LIVE chat. The channel is accessible through If you have questions you'd like to ask Tim or myself regarding youth ministry, please send them in by Tuesday at 12noon (est) via email.

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    Today is Your Day...

    Take it. Enjoy it. Be encouraged.
    Check out Youth Worker Appreciation Day online.
    Share the love.

    RSS Subscribers: There is video here.

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    Youth Worker Appreciation - Grand Prize

    Jason Snyder is a family man... but he is not only committed to his beautiful family (as pictured here), he is also committed to serving God in youth ministry at Timothy Baptist Church in Muskogee, OK.

    Jason is our grand prize winner, which means that he will get a free, full-color logo for his ministry(courtesy of -- which he can use, as he told me his youth ministry website is under construction. Addtionally he will get nearly $250 in free resources courtesy of Youth Specialties, LifeWay Christian Resources, Starbucks Coffee and

    Thank you, Jason, for your hard work with students. We appreciate what you do.

    I'd also like to thank ALL the youth workers who did not win free resources this week. Even though your name was not drawn, what you do is of great value to the Kingdom. My email was bombarded with entries for these resources and I enjoyed reading your emails, surfing your student websites, perusing through your pictures and hearing your heart through it all. God has to be encouraged at the hard work you all are doing. If I can ever be of help to you, please let me know. There are several ways to connect with me (links above)... and you can always continue reading and interacting with me right here on the blog.

    Tomorrow, take some time to refresh and decompress. After all, Youth Specialties declared it YOUR DAY. Check it:

    Click here for more details on Youth Worker Appreciation Week.

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    Site Shout: Go Creative Juice

    I've been chatting with the folks at this week. I love what they are doing. These graphics designers are current youth workers and state that their mission is to be a personal, family based company that is readily accessible to fellow ministers and to work as a team with them to create the best possible graphical identity or web presence that they may need. is a sponsor of the Youth Worker Appreciation Week here on the blog and the grand prize giveaway. GoCreativeJuice will be providing one lucky youth worker with a full-color logo for their ministry. That drawing and announcement will be held later today. Meanwhile, check out the stuff GoCreativeJuice is doing.

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    Youth Worker Appreciation Continues...

    Sara Eden Williams loves her coffee and spontaneous dance breaks... but thats not all she loves. Sara loves students.

    Sara is a youth worker in Williamson, NY at First United Methodist Church of Williamson. Sara loves to blog and tells me that she doesn't always blog about youth ministry (neither do I), but that is her passion -- and its evident. Today we honor you, Sara. Thanks for your all you do for students. Keep up the great work.

    I encourage you to check out this cool vid Sara's students put together to thank the youth workers for their hard work. It's good stuff.

    Williams wins FUEL curriculum (courtesy of LifeWay, valued at $150.00) , a Starbucks gift card, a copy of Mark Yaconelli's Growing Souls, (courtesy of Youth Specialties) and will be eligible for our grand prize drawing.

    Click here for more details on Youth Worker Appreciation Week.

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    Blog Trailer

    Maybe you've checked out my LIVE chat at Life on in the last two weeks or perhaps you've stopped by to get in on the fun we try to have here... but whatever has brought you by, I hope you'll stick around for the goodness to come. :-)

    I've had more hits in the last two weeks to this blog than I have since I began it. With that in mind, I want to share with you new readers a little something I have done that you might not know about.

    Since I've started this blog I've had the opportunity to interview a few innovative leaders around the country and in the last few weeks I've had the chance to do a few more, which I will be sharing with you over the next few weeks.

    Coming up on Monday I'll share with you an interview I did recently with Tim Schmoyer, youth ministry guru in MN. Tim has a great how-to blog and shared some interesting things with me that I will share with you... and you don't want to miss who follows him!

    Life on Tim Schmoyer will coHost (with yours truly) during our LIVE chat @ Life on this Tuesday evening, September 09 @ 10PM EST|9PM CST (note: special start time). *If you have questions you'd like for Tim and I to answer during the LIVE chat regarding all things youth ministry, please drop me an email by Monday with your question. Even though our discussion will be very interactive on Tuesday we'll be glad to share advice, counsel or whatever insight we can offer.

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    Youth Worker Appreciation Continues...

    Nic Burleson isn't new to the world of youth ministry but he is new to the staff of The Connection Church in Kyle, Texas. I actually recall meeting Nic at a conference we both attended back in May and he made a good first impression with me -- very humble guy with lots of life. Pretty soon The Connection Church noticed his love for students and these qualities about Nic and snatched him up! I'm glad to see that Nic submitted an entry for our drawing -- and today we honor him for his wonderful work with students.

    Burleson wins FUEL curriculum (courtesy of LifeWay, valued at $150.00) , a Starbucks gift card, a copy of Walt Mueller's Youth Culture 101, (courtesy of Youth Specialties) and will be eligible for our grand prize drawing on Friday.

    I called Nic personally today to congratulate him on his win... and to thank him for his work with students.

    Click here for more details on Youth Worker Appreciation Week.

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    LIVE Chat today @ Life on

    I'll be on broadcasting via UStream this afternoon at 3.30pm, EST \ 2.30pm, CST. Hit up Life on this afternoon for a LIVE chat with yours truly. I'll be showing some more youth worker love.

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    Did anyone think this?

    My first thought when John McCain introduced Sarah Palin as his running mate was .... "Hey, is that Tina Fey?!"

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    Youth Worker Appreciation Week Continues...

    Meet Stevan Sheets. Stevan is a youth worker at Our Savior's Wesleyan Church in Mukwonago, WI. He loves God, his wife, Jessica and daughter, Ella and is doing an incredible work for the Kingdom of God.

    I tried to call Stevan today to personally congratulate him and thank him for his hard work in youth ministry. I left him a voicemail notifying him that he just picked up a copy of Living with Questions (Dale Fincher), a DVD resource FUEL Starters and a Starbucks gift card. Stevan is also a fellow blogger and would probably encourage you to check out his wife's blog and his daughter's blog too!

    Thanks Stevan... for all you do.

    Stevan will also be entered into the grand prize drawing at the end of this week. I'll announce the "what" on Thursday and "the winner" on Friday.

    Click here for more details on Youth Worker Appreciation Week.

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    Third Day Does Beyonce?

    Switchfoot, Jars of Clay and Third Day are on their tour together -- to benefit the Hollywood Habitat group that supports the building of homes in communities around the world -- and they are having fun.

    Switchfoot apparently teased the crowd at this one particular performance with Beyonce's "oh oh! oh oh! oh no no!", so Third Day thought it would be hilarious if they did a Beyonce song as a musical retort.

    They will be here in my area on September 12. I don't think this is a concert I can pass up (not because of their cover -- it was funny but they need a little more practice... and a fan down front & center to blow their hair). Guys, call Beyonce and get her to open for you here in Virginia Beach, k? Wait a minute, I have her on speed dial. I'll take care of the logistics.

    For more info, go here Music Builds Tour.

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    I'm Moving to New York City

    No, not really... but I wanted to after I read Esquire magazine's list of 20 Best Steaks. M M M ...

    Little known fact about me: Steak is my favorite. Steakhouse of choice? Regularly I visit Outback. While the best steak I've ever had hasn't come from Outback, it is still a place I frequent.

    Name the place where you've eaten the best steak...

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    In a world where Don LaFontaine doesn't exist...

    You know the voice-over guy from all the movies, tv shows and pretty much everything else you've ever seen -- well, besides the projects that Ryan Seacrest hasn't touched? He passed away today at the age of 68. What in the world are we going to do now?


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    Youth Worker Appreciation Week

    Youth Specialties, an incredible organization based in San Diego, CA committed to encouraging and resourcing youth workers, has declared September 06, 2008 as Youth Worker Appreciation Day.

    On that day retail stores around the USA will be offering discounts and freebies to youth workers as a THANK YOU for all that you do!

    I thought it would be fitting to declare this week Youth Worker Appreciation Week here on the blog. To celebrate the occasion I will be giving away free resources daily here on the blog to youth workers (paid and non-paid staff) as an additional thank you. There will be random drawings for the resources and all you have to do to enter is send me an email with your name, church or organization you serve with, location, blog url, ministry website and a photo. I'll conduct random drawings this week (daily, I say!) and will give the winners a shoutout right here on the blog.

    Tomorrow will be the first official drawing, so get your entry in TODAY! This evening; however, I will be doing a LIVE chat on at 9.30PM, EST and will do a few giveways during the broadcast. So send your entry information in, tune in tonight (via and check the blog daily to see what youth workers we are honoring. It could very well be YOU.

    Here is a word from Youth Specialties:

    Oh, and spread the love (word).

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    I have a HUGE announcement just for youth workers. If you work with youth (in any capacity) you should hit the blog tomorrow, as an announcement is scheduled to post at approximately 10am, EST.

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