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Maybe you've checked out my LIVE chat at Life on in the last two weeks or perhaps you've stopped by to get in on the fun we try to have here... but whatever has brought you by, I hope you'll stick around for the goodness to come. :-)

I've had more hits in the last two weeks to this blog than I have since I began it. With that in mind, I want to share with you new readers a little something I have done that you might not know about.

Since I've started this blog I've had the opportunity to interview a few innovative leaders around the country and in the last few weeks I've had the chance to do a few more, which I will be sharing with you over the next few weeks.

Coming up on Monday I'll share with you an interview I did recently with Tim Schmoyer, youth ministry guru in MN. Tim has a great how-to blog and shared some interesting things with me that I will share with you... and you don't want to miss who follows him!

Life on Tim Schmoyer will coHost (with yours truly) during our LIVE chat @ Life on this Tuesday evening, September 09 @ 10PM EST|9PM CST (note: special start time). *If you have questions you'd like for Tim and I to answer during the LIVE chat regarding all things youth ministry, please drop me an email by Monday with your question. Even though our discussion will be very interactive on Tuesday we'll be glad to share advice, counsel or whatever insight we can offer.

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