Third Day Does Beyonce?

Switchfoot, Jars of Clay and Third Day are on their tour together -- to benefit the Hollywood Habitat group that supports the building of homes in communities around the world -- and they are having fun.

Switchfoot apparently teased the crowd at this one particular performance with Beyonce's "oh oh! oh oh! oh no no!", so Third Day thought it would be hilarious if they did a Beyonce song as a musical retort.

They will be here in my area on September 12. I don't think this is a concert I can pass up (not because of their cover -- it was funny but they need a little more practice... and a fan down front & center to blow their hair). Guys, call Beyonce and get her to open for you here in Virginia Beach, k? Wait a minute, I have her on speed dial. I'll take care of the logistics.

For more info, go here Music Builds Tour.

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