Kem Meyer's Blog Hijacked

One of the cool chicks I read regularly now is Kem Meyer, the Communications Director at Granger Community Church.

It's Kem's 40th birthday this weekend. So her husband and a friend have hijacked her blog and her twitter account and have her weekend packed with lots of activities to celebrate her big day. Mark sent me a letter asking me to help get 100 of you to go to her blog and wish her a happy birthday by leaving a comment... so I'm spreading the word like a beast!

You can leave a comment here, drop an email or create a special video to send some love her way. If you don't know Kem, send her a message anyway and tell her I sent ya. Oh, and help me spread the word!

If you click here you can read the comments or even watch some of the birthday greetings sent to her by video.

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  1. # Blogger MCC

    Hahaha....this is awesome. Thanks for being a part of this.  

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