Further research of my analytics reveal that many people are hitting my site but not as many are subscribing. There could be various reasons for this but one thing I have failed to provide to those who check my site are instructions on how you can subscribe, what this feed-reading business is all about, and why you should subscribe.
There are two ways you can subscribe to my blog:

1) Use a Reader. Most blogs use RSS (Real Simple Syndication) “feeds” which can be aggregated and displayed by what’s known as an RSS or Feed Reader. Some examples of free readers are Bloglines, Google Reader(which I use to read blogs), or most of the newer web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari) have readers built in. If this is something you’d like to explore, you can visit our main swerve feed at

2) Twitter. For those of you who use twitter, click to follow me. If you are currently a follower (or become a follower) you will get notifications when I post something new to my blog - which will include a link to my newest blog posts. This tool has become very popular and my analytics also revealed that I have many who click through to my site via twitter. Check me out (and follow) at

I'm including a video by CommonCraft which further explains RSS in plain english.

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