Sure...Ben Arment's Whiteboard Sessions (May 22, 2008) will be like fine dining at the greatest restaurant eva. Clayton Bell, Churchy Dave and yours truly have cooked up a Blogger's Luncheon that may just beat a slice of your grandma's apple pie. No doubt.

We have reserved a private dining room at Uno's Chicago Grill just down the street from the conference with a limited 50 seats. Uno's prepared a menu for us (at a special price) which includes entree, dessert, drink, tax and tip to make it oh-so-easy.

This is sure going to be fun... so hurry up and register already (by May 20!) to reserve your spot!

Here's a list of Bloggers who have indicated they will be attending WiBo. You may see many of them at the luncheon!

Have a Wifo? Although she is obviously permitted to join us, she should register for Ainsley Arment's special luncheon for the ladies here!

To register for WiBo, click here.

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2 Responses to “DoUSmellWhaWeRCookin?”

  1. # Anonymous jay hardwick

    tc ::

    thanks for putting this together...this will be a great addition to the conference experience!  

  2. # Blogger Terrace Crawford

    Thanks Jay. I'm excited about connecting with everyone.  

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