The Strikeout King

“Never let the fear of striking out get in your way.”--Babe Ruth
Babe Ruth, of his batting outs, 24% of them were strikeouts. Who knew? The average batter of his time made a strikeout in 12% of their outs. Ruth’s rate was twice that of the league average.

Confession: Sometimes I hesitate to take a risk because of the fear of failure.

If you are honest, you might agree that you struggle with this too. Babe Ruth had a wonderful career... but he is remembered most for his homerun record not his strikeouts. You and I are going to strikeout - guaranteed. We'll have some incredible ideas and hit homeruns... but we will also strikeout occasionally. In the words of Ruth, "never let the fear of striking out get in your way."

Can you relate? Feel free to share about your latest strikeout or homerun.

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  1. # Blogger dearabby

    This strikes home. I sat and cried like a baby during Gary Haugen's talk at Catalyst a few years ago. It made me realize that I had forsaken a lot of opportunities and a calling because I didn't think A: I was good/smart/able enough and B: because it took me out of my comfort zone to risk it. I started reading more and looked for some mentorship. I applied to law school last week.. Who knows where that might go? But, I am at the point where I would rather fail miserably and be embarrassed then not even try.  

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