Manic Monday Minute

Manic Monday Minute is a serious mind-dump that will probably take you one minute to read. Here are some thoughts going through my head right now...

  • Its the Manic Monday Minute - after some solitude... go figure!
  • It's Cinco De Mayo!
  • Somehow I forgot but Mandy reminded me.
  • Guess if I worked in a bank where I looked at the date every moment I would have gotten it.
  • Well, also if I worked in the villages in Mexico.
  • ...or in any mexican restaurant.
  • Ok, perhaps I was the only one worldwide without a clue today.
  • Anyways, not having mexican food tonight but it would be nice...
  • I really enjoyed my 24-hour retreat this weekend.
  • It offered me some solitude, which I needed.
  • May blog about it later.
  • The transition to WordPress has been a beast. Not done yet.
  • We had an awesome service yesterday. Baptism and the Lord's Supper in one service. Very moving.
  • I hope the mission will be accomplished by the weekend.
  • Burdened for a friend who made a huge mistake today. I hope he recovers from it quickly.
  • Quick shoutout to the Church for Men. I love what you guys are doing. Keep up the great work!
  • Working on coordinating a blogger gathering at WiBo. Details forthcoming.
  • Received a nice email from Jay Hardwick today. I see how everybody knows him and loves him.
  • My email crashed last Wednesday. I'm still reeling from it. Lost virtually all of my contacts, files, etc. I have an Outlook specialist on it this week. Praying he recovers my stuff! Please, no more emails or tweet messages about how G-mail is the bomb-diggity or MAC rules. I get it.
  • Weather was beautiful yesterday and today. Thank God.
  • Visited a 99 year old lady in the hospital today. She was so with-it. I hope I'm doing as well at that age.
  • I wrote several letters of gratitude this weekend. I hope to mail them tomorrow. I'm all about some gratitude. When is the last time you sent a personal (handwritten, please) letter to someone who has made an impact on your life?
  • There was a huge carnival down from my house this weekend...and simultaneously they were paving parking lots in the shopping center near my house. Traffic was a beast! I hate all carnivals right now.
  • Praying this week for the BiteBack campaign - helping to end Malaria.
  • Did you know Malaria is killing more people in Africa now than AIDS?!
  • I'm loving the Pop Goes the Church discussion group. Great convos.
  • I'll be so glad when the Democrats choose their nominee.
  • November seems like a decade away!
  • Just as a reminder, Mother's Day is this Sunday!
  • Ok, Crawford out!

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  • 5 Responses to “Manic Monday Minute”

    1. # Blogger MCC

      Laughed through the Cinco de Mayo part.

      Thanks for linking CFM. I've heard of them, but hadn't read anything about them.  

    2. # Blogger Louie Mercer, Frank Mercer and Mike Ellis: The Church for Men Dudes


      Your blog is always a daily visit for me. As you know, all of us in ministry need encouragement. Thanks for the mention on your blog. It gave me a boost today.

      Mike Ellis  

    3. # Blogger Terrace Crawford

      @ Mandy - glad you liked it. I really felt like a nut.
      @ Mike - thanks for reading! Keep up the great work.  

    4. # Anonymous anonymous

      seriously, get right and visit my website.

      save yourself of the agony of a frustrated life with my no good friend PC.

      Love always,

    5. # Blogger mmjiaxin
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