@ The WiBo Lunchtable

I've been asked... "so whose coming to lunch?"

Coordinating a blogger meet-up at Whiteboard has been fun thus far. ChurchyDave, Clayton Bell and myself have planned a gathering at Uno's ... just steps away from the conference and so far we will be joined for lunch by Scott McLellan(Collide Editor), Barton Damer (Visual Genius),Tally Wilgis (Church Planter), Kent McKeaigg(Media Guru), and Rob Edwards (Lead Pastor) just to name a few.

Details of the lunch are here. If you want to participate, you must hurry... only 11 spots remain as of this post!

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2 Responses to “@ The WiBo Lunchtable”

  1. # Anonymous adam barnett

    wish i could be there. sounds incredible!  

  2. # Blogger Terrace Crawford

    @ Adam - I wish you could too, Adam. You are coolness.  

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