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Tuesday night we had an incredible time during my very first broadcast. Approximately 20 people showed up... which was pretty good considering it was a night-chat and the Democratic Convention was going on. The reviews were pretty good... and people who stopped by said they "had fun." I don't have a regular broadcast schedule set-up... but you can plan for Tuesdays and Thursdays, as those are my best days to do a LIVE chat. Right now I'm planning to do regular Tuesday evening broadcasts (around 9.30pm, EST) and Thursday afternoons (around 3.30pm, EST). I'd encourage you to follow my twitter for the latest notifications, as I post tweet notifications before posting anywhere else.

So I'll be chatting LIVE this afternoon, via my broadcast channel. You don't have to be a registered user (although other viewers like to be able to identify whose in the chat room -- as well as myself) to participate. Stop by at 3.30pm, EST this afternoon for a LIVE chat with yours truly. We'll be chatting about everything I'm sure - so stop by and hang with us. . . and as promised I'll be giving away some resource (for free) to a lucky person in the room.

follow me on Twitter for updates and pre-show notifications.

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  1. # Blogger Mike


  2. # Blogger Mike

    TC - came late to the game, guess I missed it, sorry Mike  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous


    Thanks for the book and for your ministry.
    My name is John Veech

    My address is...
    1111 Desert Ave.
    Parker, AZ 85344  

  4. # Blogger Terrace Crawford

    @Mike - Sorry you missed it. I tried to link back. Are you a blogger?
    @John - Nice to meet you bro. I'll get the book out to you. Thanks for stopping by today to chat.


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