Men vs. Women

Sorry, but this was so funny... and so true for me. How about for you? Girls, please, respond in the spirit of Christ. :-)

(ht to Adam Barnett)

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2 Responses to “Men vs. Women”

  1. # Blogger Shawna

    contrary to common belief..not all girls like to shop. I happen to loathe it. I get in, get what I need, and get out! And, I don't like to go with other people....unless it's my mom. And even then it's tricky! =)  

  2. # Blogger natedavidscott, the "female" didn't even end up going to GAP.
    i'm usually pretty precise with my shopping, but that's due to limited time. if i really had 3+ hours to shop, I would take my time  

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