Life on Life Broadcast Channel

Life on Life is now LIVE on At least twice weekly I'll be broadcasting live via I have my own broadcast channel and you can tune in and chat with me.

I'll be live for a minimum of 30 minutes during each session (at various times) and I will cover the modern church today, culture and Christ. Additional topics may range from entertainment to politics... and everything in between. Much of the content; however, will be guided by you -- the viewer!

Topics will be hot and as a word of warning, hilarious. Life on Life will be a unique broadcasting experience with you along for the ride! I encourage you to visit my broadcast channel and follow me so you will know when I will be live. Additionally, you may want to follow me on twitter, as I will post pre-show notifications and announcements regarding the broadcasts.

[ps] I posted a nice little snapshot of my page. Did you notice the random "sexy" banner? I didn't put that there... although its fitting (tee-hee).

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