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I want to freshen up my blog with another banner. With that in mind, I thought it would be fun to include YOU in the process. If you design a blog banner that I end up using on my site, I'll prominently link to your site and tell the world how artistically gifted you are. If enough quality submissions come in, I'll rotate the banners and give everyone some link love. The creative genius who designs my personal favorite will get a few extras (see details following).

Here are the guidelines:
  • You must include the domain name (
  • Banner has to be 800 pixels wide but no more than 940.
  • Prefer primary colors: Red, Black and White

    Some things to consider:
  • Incorporating theme: Life on Life
  • Secondary tag\blog topics: Culture, Christ and the Church
  • Graphics reflecting blog topics\theme

    The creative genius who designs my personal favorite will not only get prominent mentions from my blog but will also get mentions to my entire network (near 2,000 subscribers - including all social networking sites and my personal newsletter). Additionally, you'll receive $50.00 in free resources.

    Submissions should be emailed by August 31, 2008, 2:00pm (est). Participants may submit as many entries as they like. Contest closes on August 31, 2008.

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  • 2 Responses to “Blog Banner Contest”

    1. # Anonymous zak white

      you didn't tell people where to e-mail them. :)

      just keeping you in blog check.  

    2. # Blogger Terrace Crawford

      @Zak - Thanks bro. I started to mention it but there is a link to my email beneath my blog banner. I'll revise with a link.  

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