Miller and Obama Email Exchange

For those of you that are into politics you'll enjoy this. Donald Miller delivered the closing benediction at the opening ceremony of the Democratic National Convention. For months now he and Barack Obama have apparently been emailing each other. Well today on his new blog, Don Miller shared the emails with the general public! (Woah) Of course, I had to read them. . . and if you want to, click here.

By the way, I've since added Don Miller to my blogroll. Not so much because of this post of his... but because I have a new interest in Don Miller. I thoroughly enjoyed Blue Like Jazz so much that I'm re-reading it right now and find him incredibly insightful, witty and a great human being.

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4 Responses to “Miller and Obama Email Exchange”

  1. # Blogger Tim Liu

    that was pretty funny. his books literally make me laugh out loud when i'm reading. you should check out "through painted deserts" another one of his books. its quite an adventure.  

  2. # Blogger Terrace Crawford

    @ Tim - I feel the same ... and laugh out loud too. He is not only funny but very insightful... solid stuff.

    Thanks for the book recommend. I'll check that out.


  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    this made me laugh HYSTERICALLY!!! I made jessie read 'em too... same response.

    i stopped reading blue like jazz b/c i got bored. (i'm more a romantic comedy style movie/book girl myself.) I'm totally going to start reading it again!

    and i put his site on my facebook. holla at yo' gurl!

  4. # Blogger JZ

    Apparently Don Miller got the nod after Relevant Magazine honcho Cameron Strang passed on the opportunity.  

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