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I took a little walk down to the water this morning. I live one block from the Chesapeake Bay (what you see pictured above) just minutes from Virginia Beach. I took my camera and snapped a shot of the water this morning, so you could see my current view of things... and while I was down at the water I ran into this little guy.

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4 Responses to “My View of Things...”

  1. # Blogger Judy Gregory

    Seriously, what the heck is that thing? Definitely have never seen one of those in Granger or Atlanta (maybe I should have paid attention at the acquarium).  

  2. # Anonymous Chris

    Hi Terrace . Thanks for the add on Twitter.

    That is a vista I have enjoyed many times. I am a graduate of First Colonial and for a couple years lived off Atlantic, right on the beach. That was sweet! Then we moved to Pungo where the views were not as nice.

    Look forward the to Big Announcement!  

  3. # Anonymous Ryan Garber

    I will be praying that Hurricane Hanna doesn't pay you a visit there. Then again, I pray that she doesn't visit us in Beaufort, SC either.  

  4. # Blogger Terrace Crawford

    @ Judy - You cracked me up!
    @ Chris - It is seriously such a small world we live in.
    @ Ryan - Thank you, Ryan. My family is in SC... so you've got extra prayers from me. :=)  

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