Did anyone think this?

My first thought when John McCain introduced Sarah Palin as his running mate was .... "Hey, is that Tina Fey?!"

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6 Responses to “Did anyone think this?”

  1. # Blogger thechico

    I sure did, my girl looked at me and laughed.  

  2. # Anonymous Brandon


  3. # Blogger Jason Curlee

    I was actually thinking that Tina Fey will be playing her on the next Live one.  

  4. # Blogger gavin richardson

    you certainly were not the only one. the daily show actually did a run down. worth checking out


  5. # Blogger MCC

    They may look alike, but their political views are vastly different...  

  6. # Blogger Terrace Crawford

    @Chico - I'm starting to hear more and more about it.
    @Jason - Michael Phelps is scheduled to host the first SNL of the season but don't doubt the producers will be all over having Fey return to do this.
    @Gavin - Thanks for the link!
    @MCC - So true Mandy.  

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