Youth Worker Appreciation Week Continues...

Meet Stevan Sheets. Stevan is a youth worker at Our Savior's Wesleyan Church in Mukwonago, WI. He loves God, his wife, Jessica and daughter, Ella and is doing an incredible work for the Kingdom of God.

I tried to call Stevan today to personally congratulate him and thank him for his hard work in youth ministry. I left him a voicemail notifying him that he just picked up a copy of Living with Questions (Dale Fincher), a DVD resource FUEL Starters and a Starbucks gift card. Stevan is also a fellow blogger and would probably encourage you to check out his wife's blog and his daughter's blog too!

Thanks Stevan... for all you do.

Stevan will also be entered into the grand prize drawing at the end of this week. I'll announce the "what" on Thursday and "the winner" on Friday.

Click here for more details on Youth Worker Appreciation Week.

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3 Responses to “Youth Worker Appreciation Week Continues...”

  1. # Blogger Stevan

    Yahoo! I'm a winner!
    Thanks Terrace!  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Congrats Stevan! Thanks for working with students.  

  3. # Anonymous Ryan Garber

    You go, Stevan!  

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