Take a Chill Pill.

I must confess, I've been a little nervous about the economy. In fact, yesterday in a prayer cell group I'm a part of we prayed for the economy. I think I was okay with things until the President came on television Wednesday evening and declared that our economy was in serious danger. The average joe hears all sorts of terminology on the tube and is clueless to what this means for their sweet family. Enter Dave Ramsey. Thank God for him. He comes in, makes it all practical and gives us hope.

I am subscribed to Dave's newsletter and a couple of days ago I received his enewsletter where he shared his thoughts on our current financial crisis and answered a number of questions from the public. I will share a few of his thoughts here... and link to the rest.

Click on graphic to enlarge.

Dave Ramsey just told you to take a chill pill... so if you are uptight, do it. I've just taken mine. Click here for more Dave Ramsey goodness.

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  1. # Anonymous Billy Chia

    haha - Yeah I listed to Ramsey's show the other day where he talked about how he's going to buy a house because now is the best time to do it. (If you have the money to do it of course.)  

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