I have a great idea...

I have a great idea... Wouldn't it be cool for ALL of us to meet online at a specified time and just hang out together? We could worship... discuss theology... and maybe even just 'shoot the breeze.' Well, someone already came up with that brilliant idea. In fact, for the past few days LifeShare has been broadcasting here to the world.

LifeShare, in a nutshell, is a 7-day challenge for all of us to extend the love and compassion of Jesus to our friends, followers and online communities. There have been times of worship (like the session led by Carlos Whittaker, pictured above), Q&A, prayer and, of course, lots of sharing.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, September 23rd there will be no live video meet-up; however, there will be a focused day of prayer. Consider clicking here to sign-up for a 30-minute time slot and commit to pray. All of us could use some focused time praying. I just signed up. Won't you?

Then join your friends on Wednesday, September 24th at 8.00pm CST\7.00pm EST for the final LifeShare broadcast here.

For all the details regarding LifeShare, go here.

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