Ray Boltz Comes Out

I'll never forget meeting singer-songwriter,Ray Boltz. I got to work with him when the radio station I was employed with years ago hosted his concert. I was familiar with his hit songs, "Thank You," "Watch the Lamb," and "The Anchor Holds." I even covered his songs a few times, singing solos in churches around the country. Meeting Boltz was a pleasure. By far he was one of the nicest artists I had ever met.

For years Ray has been out of the spotlight but Friday he returned to break some news.
I soon saw the headline that read "Ray Boltz Comes Out." My heart sank.

The news broke when Ray shared his thoughts in an exclusive interview with the Washington Blade, a news source for the gay and lesbian community. Soon after I read the feature story on Christianity Today's blog.

My heart is heavy for Ray. I've had several friends who were gay or dealt with the struggle of homosexuality, so I know its not an easy life. I also recall the time I heard the news about Christian artist, Kirk Talley. Kirk is a Southern Gospel singer, who confessed to struggling with homosexuality in 2005. I followed Talley's restoration process, as I was on his email list, and recall the agony he went through - particularly with the Christian community. Talley is not a practicing homosexual and continues to sing in churches today. He was asked to comment on the Ray Boltz story but declined stating "I've been through enough hell,” but did consent to one comment: “I will definitely be in prayer for Ray.” “He has no idea the crap he will have to endure."

Why does it have to be like this? Please hear me... I do believe its wrong for people to be practicing homosexuals (as the scriptures teach against it), but can't we be more careful how we handle people? How does it go... Love the sinner, hate the sin? Ray admitted that he has a lot of questions about his faith now. I just pray for him. I pray for his healing. The news is all over the internet today... and reactions (like this one) will be recorded, shared and published. I just hope and pray it doesn't become a bloody mess. We love you, Ray.

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5 Responses to “Ray Boltz Comes Out”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    A friend recently said to me something like, "God doesn't throw away broken people ... neither should we." Amen.  

  2. # Blogger Louie Mercer, Frank Mercer and Mike Ellis: The Church for Men Dudes

    "You've never locked eyes with ANYONE who doesn't matter to the Father"

    - Bill Hybels  

  3. # Anonymous Bryan Ramsey

    I must say, with all of this coming out the past weekend....

    It is amazing how many people have actually shown some compassion on Ray. It is incredibly refreshing to see many of the church choose to love and uplift a fallen brother than to beat them down.

    Thanks for being accepting without compromising the truth.

    Great job.  

  4. # Blogger Joy Ely

    To the church I say STOP IT!
    Sin is sin.
    Ray dealing struggling with homosexuality is no more of a sin than their looking down their noses at him.

    I've dealt with the same types of things going through my divorce. It wounds - deeply.

    I will be praying for Ray.

    "He who is without sin..."  

  5. # Blogger vote4tacos

    Everyone of us deals with sin on a daily basis...each of us have not had the need to be tought how to sin starting from the day we are born we know how to lie....I am not reducing sin at all....sin is infinately wrong in God's eyes thanks God for ur infinate love which saved us from our sins....Glory to GOd in the Higest...We should be praying for Ray...but at the same time continually prayin"i pledge alleigence to the Lamb"  

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