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It appears my Facebook account may have been hijacked. This weekend I found my account deleted and someone else is the admin of a facebook group that I created! I have tried to work with the Facebook support group ... and the nicest thing I can say about them is that they responded to my inquiry. They have been less than helpful. I was tempted to never use facebook again. If I did not value networking and connecting with friends I would not have created a new account. I'm still working on getting control of the facebook group.

This morning I created a new account but it will take a little time to rebuild my network. Would you do me a favor and take a moment to add me as a friend so I do not have to look for you? Thanks.

Back at the helm of the facebook group! Thanks to this guy who stepped in and played gatekeeper so the hacker wouldn't tamper with our community. Thanks Joe!
(6.21pm, est - Tuesday, Sept 09)

2 Responses to “Do me a favor...”

  1. # Blogger thechico

    That's why I don't use Facebook or Myspace, it's a hassle.  

  2. # Blogger Gman

    SAD isn't it. Was it the new admin of your group? Sure hope not!!!  

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