Youth Worker Appreciation Continues...

Sara Eden Williams loves her coffee and spontaneous dance breaks... but thats not all she loves. Sara loves students.

Sara is a youth worker in Williamson, NY at First United Methodist Church of Williamson. Sara loves to blog and tells me that she doesn't always blog about youth ministry (neither do I), but that is her passion -- and its evident. Today we honor you, Sara. Thanks for your all you do for students. Keep up the great work.

I encourage you to check out this cool vid Sara's students put together to thank the youth workers for their hard work. It's good stuff.

Williams wins FUEL curriculum (courtesy of LifeWay, valued at $150.00) , a Starbucks gift card, a copy of Mark Yaconelli's Growing Souls, (courtesy of Youth Specialties) and will be eligible for our grand prize drawing.

Click here for more details on Youth Worker Appreciation Week.

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2 Responses to “Youth Worker Appreciation Continues...”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Wow! That's a huge prize. I'm psyched!!

    Thanks for everything you've done to celebrate YWers this week. It's so awesome.  

  2. # Blogger Terrace Crawford

    Congrats Sara. I would have personally called to thank you but I didn't have your digits.

    I'll contact you by email to get your shipping address.  

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