2008 MTV VMAs

I watched the train-wreck of a broadcast, known as the MTV VMAs last night. Here are a few thoughts I jotted down while watching this years' show...

  • I LOVED the exchange between Britney Spears and Jonah Hill. That was hilarious!
  • Who is this host? Russell Brand. The english comedian, a raging sex-addict (by his own admission) was a very poor choice as host - that is, unless the producers wanted to procur a host that would cause controversy and talk about sex throughout the entire broadcast.
  • There is an obvious format change and a smaller audience than normal.
  • Brand is striking nerves of viewers with his overly sexual and crude humor and his political stance.
  • It is evident MTV is trying to recreate Britney Spears.
  • Although Britney is coming off as the Britney we once knew. Anyone else think this?
  • Brand is making fun of the Jonas brothers choice of abstinence (and their "promise rings").
  • I don't care for most of the performances. The quality just isn't there.
  • Christina Aguilera has returned to her roots. What happened to the 20s-40s throwback girl?
  • Whenever I see Katy Perry all I can think about is the fact that she is a pastor's daughter and use to live her life deeply devoted to God.
  • Jordin Sparks is definitely counter-culture: "It's okay to wear a promise ring, she said from the stage, because not everyone wants to be a slut."
  • Britney stole the show (or was it handed to her?) winning 3 trophies and was upheld by everyone present.
  • Perez Hilton in a post-show interview even blasted Russell Brand for ridiculing the Jonas Brothers stating his respect for their values.
  • How can MTV continue with the VMAs when their network isn't even about MUSIC or VIDEOS anymore?

    (graphic: MTV)

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  • 6 Responses to “2008 MTV VMAs”

    1. # Blogger tony sheng

      I thought they were a bit tamer than usual - although I muted out every time Brand spoke.
      But I did really enjoy the opening with Rihanna [speaking of... - the song talks about 'thief in the night..]
      And I really want to find out more about the pair that were drumming and DJing during the commercials. They were pretty rad.  

    2. # Blogger Clayton Bell

      Never thought that I'd see Perez Hilton linked to on your blog. It's a new day...  

    3. # Blogger Terrace Crawford

      @Tony - I don't know if "tamer" is the word I'd use... but they were definitely different, in a worse way. I also though Rihanna's performance was pretty well done - even though it was different for her.
      @Clayton - Even though I have some distaste for the guy's work, he is ahead of the game when it comes to knowing the celebs and what is going on in pop culture today. I peruse his blog sometimes to see what I've missed.  

    4. # Anonymous tomcottar

      Terrence, here are my random thoughts.

      Britney-- no sale. I'm not buying that she's 'back'.

      Brand-- horrible. Haven't seen anything that in a long time. And I'm usually a huge VMA fan.

      The smaller audience was obvious and pretty embarassing. MTV tried to hide it within the new format, but it didn't work. It came off as cheese. (Especially with VH1 running an almost static graphic screen begging us to flip the channel to the VMAs.

      Think the VMA's will survive another year?  

    5. # Blogger Terrace Crawford

      @Tom - The VMAs aren't going anywhere. This year they celebrated 25 years. MTV is a media mogul. They will do what it takes to get ratings.  

    6. # Anonymous *nemo*

      Hi there!
      First time visitor here :)

      I'm in Italy and saw the VMA a day later (probably because they had to add subtitles in Italian) but I couldn't stand to watch that Brand guy! He is nasty. I only saw 2 awards being handed over before I just left. What would make MTV get such a person to host the show?!
      He isn't a role model, he isn't even that famous and he has a terrible way on the stage, specially insulting people and their beliefs. Odd.

      Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that I love your blog and will bookmark it for future reading! :)

      Have a blessed rest of the week!  

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