Manic Monday Minute

Manic Monday Minute is a serious mind-dump that will probably take you one minute to read. Here are some thoughts going through my head right now...

  • Its the Manic Monday Minute.
  • I missed the M-cubed last week... but enjoyed Labor Day.
  • Awesome services yesterday.
  • Had to be apart of a skit during our morning worship services this weekend. I played a guy who loved to drink, play strip poker and golf. It was hilarious...
  • I don't get to act much... so I enjoyed it.
  • Seems weird that is not up and running. Clay and the folks at Barefoot did a great job with it.
  • I'm regretting the fact that I missed the UFC fight over the weekend. Did you see it?
  • Speaking of TV, did you see Oprah today? It was her season premiere and she had ALL the medal winners on her show.
  • She didn't just get one or two medal winners... nah, she got ALL 175 medal winners. Wow.
  • Are you following me on Twitter? Shoutout to my peeps!
  • My house needs a serious top-to-bottom cleaning. Where is the motivation?
  • Well, school is back in session. Pray for our students.
  • Eating a nice bowl of chili now. Want some?
  • Watched the VMAs last night. Blogged my thoughts here.
  • I had a blast giving away FREE resources last week to youth workers. Seems odd not to be doing it daily this week.
  • TONS of new readers to my blog within the last two weeks. If you are new, welcome!
  • It has been cool connecting with lots of new people. If you are new here and haven't said hello, please leave a comment!
  • I announced earlier that Life on Life has a broadcast channel now. I'll be LIVE on tomorrow evening with Tim Schmoyer at at 10PM est \ 9PM cst. If you have youth ministry questions you'd like to ask Tim or myself, email me before 12noon tomorrow.
  • Can't wait to attend Catalyst in October... its going to be awesome.
  • I wish this were a short week. I'm kinda ready for the weekend already. That is not good.
  • Ok, I'm out.

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    5 Responses to “Manic Monday Minute”

    1. # Blogger Sean King

      Sick, thanks for the feedback.  

    2. # Blogger Nic Burleson

      And we had a blast winning those free resources! We need to hook up and hang out at Catalyst.  

    3. # Blogger C-Lowe

      Figured since I have been "lurking around" your blog for a couple of weeks now, I should probably leave a comment. Great stuff! Thanks...  

    4. # Blogger Terrace Crawford

      @Sean - Glad you stopped by
      @Nic - We will def. do that
      @C-Lowe - It's always cool to know whose lurking. Thanx for the comment.  

    5. # Blogger Chrissy!

      I saw the UFC fight over the weekend haaaahaaaa! You really didn't miss to much but the main event was nerve recking!  

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