Your Church's Gold Mine

One of the biggest rants I have about the church today is about money. I'd never want to be in charge of the church budget, be the financial secretary or the like... but I do have a strong opinion on how money is spent in the church today. The most frustrating thing to me is watching money sit. I guess I see so many needs around me and around our world that I know it could be used for the work of God.

The best example I have is a pastor-friend of mine in South Carolina who must have shared the same rant because I'll never forget something he did years ago. The pastor approached his church about the fact that they were "sitting on a gold mine" and weren't doing anything about it. After a careful tally they realized that over $35,000.00 had been sitting in a bank account and had never been touched for years! He then immediately proposed to his church that they withdraw all of it out of the account and send it to India to plant churches. Simply amazing.

Why is this rare? Are we so consumed with ourselves that we forget the needs of the people all around us and around the world? As a church you may be allowing money to sit in an account waiting to be spent on your next big thing... but maybe, just maybe your next big thing is spending it on the needs of your community and on others around the world.

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  1. # Anonymous Matt

    How about an old church with 6.5 million in trust funds, yet almost shut its doors due to poor attendance 1.5 years ago. And being that I am the Business Manager of this, it's pretty frustrating. I agree that there is so much to be done, but there are limits.
    The pastor here said it best "you're saving this money for a rainy day and it's freakin' STORMING outside." Great thought - and something for us all to keep in mind.  

  2. # Blogger Mike Ellis: The Church for Men Dude

    Check out Gospel Driven Church blog. 60% of tithes are going to help the needy in the community. Now that's the real deal.  

  3. # Blogger Dj

    We have one of those deals where someone set up their trust fund that we can only use the interest off the money in the account. I understand the wisdom in that, but our church is in so much financial trouble that we would have to close our doors with $100,000 grand in the bank we can't touch.  

  4. # Blogger Terrace Crawford

    @Matt - I totally agree that there are limits.
    @Mike - Awesome.
    @DJ - I understand stipulations on accounts like that. Sad reality. Yes, wisdom must be used. I am only making a point that this should be prayerfully considered if there are monies that aren't being used for the Kingdom.  

  5. # Blogger Ministry Marketing Strategies

    Great post here Terrace! Thanks for sharing...Also thanks for following at twitter.

    I love to see people and ministers get to that place of financial freedom where they can minister WHERE and WHEN they want.

    Let me know what you think about this. I'd love to link your blog to my site (

    Have you done videos?

    You are very articulate...

    Theresa Croft  

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