Site Shout: AlreadyBeenChewed

Graphic genius, Barton Damer, dropped me an email early this morning to let me know about a new blog he has created titled Already Been

The posts on his blog are related to digital art, motion graphics, video, web, and live productions - and how they can be used in the church. It is an incredible resource joint for ministries today.

I first met Barton at Ben Arment's Whiteboard Sessions last May and was blown away by his motion graphics he created for the conference. Damer now serves as the creative director for RT Productions, Inc. (Igniter, Collide, WHM and Echo Conference) and you can see his fingerprints throughout this entire production company. Barton really captures his new site in one simple sentence: "serving up fresh media ideas for churches because nobody likes to be fed something that's already been chewed." Go check it out.

one of numerous incredible pieces by barton damer

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