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Catalyst  will offer an incredible meet-up for bloggers by default.  I enjoyed getting to put together a blogger luncheon for WiBo and it was definitely a highlight of mine, but this time I'm simply attending a meet-up.   I would; however, like to know what bloggers are planning to attend the Catalyst Conference and planning to blog about it?  I've started a running list... that I'll add you to if you leave a comment with your blog URL.   

Craig Groeschel Tim Stevens Brad Lomenick
Tim Sanders Seth Godin Perry Noble
Brad Ruggles Ben Arment Cole Phillips
Jason Bedell Carlos Whittaker Terrace Crawford
Mark Batterson Paul Stebelton Dave Daniels
Kimberly Daniels David Johns Brian Brunke
Steven Furtick Dino Rizzo Ed Stetzer
Mike Foster Jay HardwickTony Morgan
Tim Tibbles Aaron DininnyDaniel Decker
Tim Liu Vince AntonucciTally Wilgis
Shawn Elledge Jeremy IsaacsMatt Ramsey
Scott McClellan Kevin TwomblyAnne Jackson
Jeff Shinabarger Chase GentesStuart Delony
Zak White Nic Burleson Josh Parrish
Kevin Bussey Mike MorrisTravis Thomspon
Mark LeHew Josh Perry Bryan McGee
Michael Harrison Rob ShepherdBill Reichart
Jennifer Schuchmann

...and be looking for special behind- the- scenes blogging and live video on a special Catalyst Backstage site hosted by Anne Jackson.

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24 Responses to “Catalyst Bloggers!”

  1. # Anonymous Mark LeHew

    I'll be there!  

  2. # Anonymous Travis Thompson

    I'll be there too!  

  3. # Anonymous Mike Morris

    I'll be there. Can't wait  

  4. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I will be there!  

  5. # Blogger Kevin Bussey

    I'll be there for my 6th time.  

  6. # Blogger Brad Ruggles

    Hmmmm....I'm just not sure. ;-)

    Ok, fine! You convinced me! I'll go!  

  7. # Anonymous Bill Wilson

    Wish I could be there.....  

  8. # Blogger Vince Antonucci:

    I'm there. And I will look good.  

  9. # Blogger Mike Ellis: The Church for Men Dude

    Watch out my brother in Christ. The book Irresistible Revolution will change your life. You won't look at things that same way that you did before you read the book.  

  10. # Anonymous zak whitey white


    dude, what the heck!?! I gave you me, nic, and cole yesterday via twitter and you left us out? What qualifications do we not meet?


  11. # Blogger Terrace Crawford

    @ ALL - Thanks! Can't wait.
    @ Vince - I laughed out bro!
    @ Brad - You are easily persuaded.  

  12. # Anonymous Josh Perry

    I plan to be there! Looking forward to it.  

  13. # Blogger bryan mcgee

    Thanks to the generosity of Brad Ruggles, my wife and I will be there.  

  14. # Anonymous lloyd owens

    I will be there...  

  15. # Blogger David Johns

    I'm a blogger I need to work on it more, guess I am a want a be blogger, could not DM you, it said you don't follow me.  

  16. # Blogger Terrace Crawford

    @Bryan - Brad is a saint. We all know it.
    @ All - look forward too seeing you around Atlanta!  

  17. # Blogger Rob

    I'm there!  

  18. # Blogger Bill Reichart

    I 'm there for both Labs and the Main event...and will be blogging
    Bill Reichart  

  19. # Anonymous Jennifer Schuchmann

    I'll Twitter during the event (@schuchmann) and blog afterwards ( I'll also be giving away free copies of my book at the Tyndale booth from 11-1 on Thursday.  

  20. # Anonymous Chilly Chilton

    i'm bloggin' but not from Hot-lanta... they will still have a catalyst theme with a ghetto twist.  

  21. # Blogger Terrace Crawford

    @ Rob, Bill, Jennifer - Awesome. Ur added.
    @ Chilly - Cool deal man. Glad you are at least there in spirit.  

  22. # Blogger Brian Brunke

    I will be there  

  23. # Blogger Shijun Lin
  24. # Blogger 柯云
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