5 Questions with Mark Oestreicher

Mark Oestreicher ((or "Marko" as I like to call him)) is a youth worker at-large and founder of the Youth Cartel - an organization that is seeking to instigate a revolution in the world of Youth Ministry. You can connect with him on his blog at www.whyismarko.com

I caught up with my friend, Marko, recently to see how things were going at The Youth Cartel. I asked him 5 questions about the upcoming Summit in Atlanta, GA.   I thought I would share with you his responses: 

1. What is the Summit?   It's a youth ministry training event; but our intention has always been to do something very different than the many other excellent training events offered in the youth ministry world. For those familiar with TED (http://www.ted.com/), you can probably see how it was somewhat of an inspiration for The Summit. We want to stir imaginations and spark creativity in thinking about each attendee's unique context. We're not promoting a particular approach, or suggesting a methodology, because we firmly believe that--today, more than ever--those approaches and methodologies need to be spiritually discerned, unique, and contextually appropriate. So, think of The Summit as the "chemical agent" intended to bring about a combustable reaction leading to change! 

 2. How does the event set itself a part from other Youth Ministry conferences?   To be clear, The Summit is not a "skills training" event. It's an IDEA event. We believe that by bringing together a group of carefully selected presenters, each giving short, concise talks based on ideas that should shape our thinking and practice, youth workers will leave buzzing with applicable and unique thoughts about the "new things" God might want to do in their ministries. To that end, each of the first three sessions will have five or six presenters, each giving a 12 - 15 minute talk on an area of expertise. Each session is grouped under a theme umbrella; so there's a sense where the presenters in each session will each share a unique facet of the same cut gem. After each of these sessions, attendees will self-select one of the presenters with whom to spend another 45 minutes in what we're calling "Digging Deeper." The presenters are preparing these times not as further lecture, but as a guided interaction toward contextualization for everyone in the room. 

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This event sounds so good! Go [here] to register for the Summit now!   

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