The Next Best Thing

I had a great time at my first of several book signings for #GoingSocial today. Special thanks to ChickFila for hosting and for everyone who came out to support me. 
Today attendees were able to purchase my book (and get it autographed!) for $15.00.  That is a couple bucks off the retail price and, of course, they had no worries about shipping costs!  I had some books leftover so if you'd like the same deal (and can't make it out to one of the signings) I'll be glad to send you one and autograph it for you!   
Here's how it works: I will send you an AUTOGRAPHED COPY of my book, Going Social, as a gift for your donation of $15 or more here on my site!  Just click the "DONATE" icon in the sidebar, make a donation of $15 or more and I'll send you a copy (autographed!) in the mail. 
Thanks for helping me spread the word about the book and get this resource into the hands of as many leaders as possible! With your help, I know it is possible.  Go ahead... secure your copy today.

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