Looking to Hire a Youth Pastor?

Recently I reconnected with a friend from college named Daniel McGinty when he contacted me to inquire about joining my Coaching Network (Deadline to apply this Friday!) Daniel and I took some of the same classes in an undergraduate program together but really got to know each other better when we lived in the same dorm and worked together in leadership.  I served in several capacities during my college-career but we worked together while I served our campus as the Men's Residence Life President. During that time Daniel and I really spent a lot of time together.  I founded a forum where men (a symposium of sorts) who attended our University could hear from and dialogue with special guest speakers on topics they struggled with most.  Daniel helped me during that time to launch this platform and we built a friendship because of it.

Daniel graduated from Columbia International University and began working with students, primarily in a church setting, and then later found himself teaching Bible to students in schools!  Now Daniel is returning to Youth Ministry in the local church and is looking for a position.

It's hard these days to find many youth ministry positions.  In fact, most churches are cutting their youth ministry budgets.  All of that to say, if you really feel called to work with youth full-time (shucks, even part-time!) its hard to find a position right now because there are more people looking for work than there are positions available.  Daniel seems to understand this because he told me about this website he launched to help him get a position as a youth pastor!  That, might friend, says to me that he really feels called to this.  I thought this was really unique (and certainly creative!) and said a lot about Daniel's heart and calling to student ministry and I wanted to share this with you!    If you're looking to hire... please contact my friend, Daniel. He might just be the guy you've been searching for to work with your students! And for all you out-of-work youth workers out there... hang in there!  Keep being faithful to your calling to students. You may not be getting paid for your investment now... but heaven is keeping track of your hours!

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  1. # Blogger Maranatha John

    Check out "Rules of church work" and "Rule of Full-time ministry" by Dag Heward-Mills. It'll shed more light on the intricacies involved in finding a position in the church,and also bring more understanding to how that is attached to the call of God, and His ability to "pay" those He "hires".  

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