Calling All Youth Workers!

I just finished up a coaching session with a youth pastor.  Just two years ago I was dreaming of how a coaching session would go. 

I talk with youth workers weekly from around the nation. Some of them are full-time, on staff, at their churches while others are bi-vocational. These youth workers all have one thing in common though... they have all been in youth ministry for less than 5 years and they expressed a need for a coach! 

That's why I started the Youth Worker Coaching Network... and now about to launch my next Coaching Network group. 

Perhaps you'd like to join my next group? Let me tell you a bit about it...

My coaching network will offer everything you might get from a conference, but it will be a semester long (approximately 6 months).

Let me share with you 
8 benefits of joining my Coaching Network:

1. I'll be your personal coach and cheerleader for 6 months.

2. You'll get practical guidance and personal counsel.
3. You'll get a weekly phone call with yours truly.
4. You'll get encouraging but constructive feedback.
5. You'll get occasional free books from publishers.
6. You'll get the shared experience with other network participants.
7. You'll get chat sessions with notable thought-leaders.
8. You'll get other free resources too.... and other fun surprises!

How's that sound?  If you have a need for a coach... and are remotely interested, you should apply to join my Coaching Network.

Here's the deal... I'm limiting the network to only 10 participants, so you'll want to beat the crowd and apply [now]!

The application form will be only be LIVE until Friday, August 10th.

I'll carefully review the applications and announce to all applicants who will be participating in this round of my network on or just after Wednesday, August 15th.

Still not convinced?  Listen to some youth workers who have been through my Coaching Network... watch this video.

If you don't need a coach, perhaps you know someone who does. Would you please spread the word for me?

Additionally, if your organization or corporation would like to partner with me to invest in youth workers nationwide please feel free to
contact me about becoming a sponsor.

RSS Subscribers: there is video [here]

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  1. # Blogger Nathaniel Dame

    Awesome Terrace! So excited to see this get going!  

  2. # Blogger new life serena

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.  

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