"New" Resource for New Christ-Followers

I am always on the hunt for great resources for students. I've run across a "new" resource that will really help answer a lot of questions new Christ-followers have!  It's a brand-new interactive journal called "NEW: First Steps for New Christ-Followers" from my great friends at YouthMinistry360.  I cannot wait to get these in the hands of students!

Here's a great description from the YM360 website

When students give their lives to Christ, the Bible is pretty clear: They. Are. NEW! But what does it mean to be NEW? What does it mean to see God in a NEW way? What does it mean to live out the call to follow Christ? These questions can be daunting ones in the lives of the new or “young” Christ-followers in your youth ministry.
But don’t worry! That’s what NEW is all about. NEW: First Steps For New Christ-Followers is an interactive journal that helps students take the next steps in their new journey with Christ.
This interactive journal packs a big punch. Here’s some of what’s inside:
• 4 weeks of biblically solid, interactive, and creative daily devotions
• Important articles dealing with key issues of students’ NEW faith
• A collection of charts, verses, lists, and graphics to help them understand the Bible
• Guides to help them go deeper in their faith when they’re ready

[Go here] to learn more or to download a sample of this resource!

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  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I highly recommend this resource, NEW! I am in the middle of it right now, and very impressed. Good job YM360.  

  2. # Blogger dong dong23
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