#OC12 Notes: Kara Powell

Kara Powell
  • Kara is doing a talk on "Sticky Faith"
  • We do segregation well in the church.  You might be thinking of "race" right now... but I'm talking about "age."
  • Luke 2:41
  • I'm not satisfied with the stat that 40-50% of students are drifting away from God and the church. Are you?
  • The way that I parent is different because of research.
  • The way that I lead is different because of research.
  • We are asking "How do we win students back?" when really we could be asking "What if we never lost them?"
  • Building deep faith in students has the potential to change this country!
  • Kara gave a fantastic illustration about a church where she saw adults handing off the roles on the platform (mid-way the worship service on Sunday morning) to teenagers. 
  • This is what it's about... not multi-generational ministry but inter-generational ministry!
  • We need to reverse the 5 to 1 ratio (that we have in Youth Ministry when it comes to retreats and events). We should have 5 adults per 1 student mentoring and shepherding them.
  • The real well behind my passion for this comes from being a parent.
This post contains my notes from the general session at the Orange Conference.

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