#OC12 Notes: Andy Stanley

  • Andy is doing a talk on "Healthy Staff Culture"
  • I think the church should be the greatest place to work on the planet!
  • Northpoint Community Church came in 3rd for the BEST place to work in the Atlanta area.
  • I want to talk about something (one thing actually) that I've learned that drives healthy staff culture at churches more than anything else!
  • I believe this is the most contagious thing!
  • Mark 10:32-45
  • Whoever wants to be out front must serve.
  • Mark 10:45 -- this is why Jesus came!
  • Healthy and productive staff cultures are characterized by "mutual submission."
  • This is a game changer!
  • The question mutual submission asks:  "How can I help?"
  • There is no one in this room that is above this.
  • There is also no one in this room that has a special anointing.
  • There are 2 people you can ask to see if you have an anointing: your doctor and your wife.
  • Catch this: even the Son of Man did not come to serve but to be served!
  • Even IF you are anointed, you should be the BEST servant on the planet!
  • Here are some best practices:
  • Do for 1 what you wish you could do for everyone.
  • Systematically develop (from the top down) service in your church or organization.
  • Create and maintain a sustainable  pace so you can serve others!
  • Ask yourself "Does your availability squeeze out your serve-ability?" 
  • Reward mutual submission when you see it! 
  • Remember: what is rewarded is what gets repeated.
  • Confront your ego!
  • Your staff is not your cast of characters.
  • Drop the term "loyalty" from your vocabulary.  Loyalty didn't even make the list in the fruits of the spirit.
  • Follow the example of Christ:  serve!
This post contains my notes from the general session at the Orange Conference.

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