Free eBook: A Beautiful Mess

My friend, Mark Oestreicher, has a brand-new book out that is available for FREE for a limited time! Over 3,000 youth workers downloaded the book within the first 24 hours it was available!   
Here's a short description from the cover:

'Theologically and anecdotally, we can uncover plenty of encouraging signs in the realm of youth ministry, according to Oestreicher, whose youth ministry experience includes time as an in-the-trenches youth worker and as a publisher of youth ministry books and resources.  A Beautiful Mess features insights on the issues and opportunities facing youth workers, including the trend toward longevity in ministry, the power of smaller churches, the work of the Holy Spirit, the rewards of authentic relational ministry, the need for integration instead of isolation, and the centrality of faith and humility." 

2 Responses to “Free eBook: A Beautiful Mess”

  1. # Blogger rsctt603

    cool, thanks!  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous
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