5 Simple Tips to Getting Retweeted on Twitter

Everyone wants to be heard... and if you're on Twitter you probably like to be "retweeted." Being retweeted simply means that someone likes what you posted in 140 characters enough to share it with their followers...so they repost it or "retweet" it. 

I'll share 5 simple (yet fundamental!) tips to getting retweeted on Twitter:

1. Share great content --  This is perhaps the most fundamental tip of all.  If you share great content with your followers people will want to share it.  People want to read interesting tweets and they also like sharing them.  Make sure you entertain, inspire and inform your Twitter followers.  They just might thank you by retweeting!

2. Include a link -- Your tweet is more likely to be shared if you include a link.  Whether you're linking to a picture, a news article, or another source, links seem to grab the attention of twitter users. Just like with those potato chip bags that say "now with 20% more!" -- there are proven results to getting retweeted when you include linkage.  Try it including a link next time you tweet!

3. Leave room -- Your twitter followers may not retweet you if you don't allow much space for the retweet. Many users like adding additional comments when they retweet you (even if its a "attaboy") but may squelch the idea of retweeting you at all if your tweet is too long. As a general rule, try to keep your tweets to 115-120 characters, which will allow room for others' commentary.

4. Get timely -- Another factor that will encourage others to retweet you is if you share something timely with them.  If you link to a coupon or offer that expires soon or if you are one of the first to break a piece of news, you are likely to get retweeted!  Try adding a timely element in one of your upcoming tweets and see if it gets picked up. 

5. Pick a Peak or Prime time - One of the final, but very key, tips I'd suggest to you for getting retweeted on twitter is to make sure you choose an optimal time to tweet.  I have found that the optimal times for me to tweet is generally around 11:00AM EST, 3:00PM EST and 8:00PM EST.  These times may vary for you depending on who follows you and what time zones they are in.  You might try using an app like "Tweriod" to help you determine the best time to tweet.

What other tips would you suggest are fundamental to getting retweeted?  Follow me on Twitter and feel free to share (or retweet!) this post. 

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