Church Leaders Going Social!

"In this day of social media interconnectedness, followers of Christ need to be familiar with the multitude of ways we have to engage culture. We will continue to be behind the curve if we ignore the most dynamic tool for creating gospel relationships in the last 50 years: social media. Terrace's book, Going Social: A Practical Guide on Social Media for Church Leaders, provides a wealth of information about all forms of social media, giving pastors and others who want to influence culture the insights they need to do so. Digest this book, then engage your digital world!" 

--Ed Stetzer, President, LifeWay Research

"Going Social is an invaluable resource for church leaders navigating the new frontier paved by these technologies and provides practical, how-to steps to help churches and church leaders have a voice and get engaged in the conversation that's happening online."  

--Tim Schraeder, Co-director, The Center for Church Communication

"After reading Going Social only two words came to mind: Simply Strategic.  Actually, this book is simply genius!  This is an amazing tool for church leaders trying to find their way through the convoluted maze of the online world. Every church leader needs this book in his/her tool box!"

--Tim Stevens, Executive Pastor, Granger Community Church and Author of Vision: Lost and Found
"Connected" is beyond a buzz word, it's a life line.  Making sure you are merged into the mind and heart of other networks fuels your effectiveness in advancing the Kingdom of God. Terrace Crawford knows how to leverage the power of connecting. His book Going Social will transform your social networking into super networking!" 

--Tony Nolan, Evangelist and Author of Gasp!

"Terrace does a masterful job of explaining the nuts and bolts of social media in a ministry context. If you are in ministry on any level you need to be social because social media is increasingly becoming the language and the medium people use to communicate. This book will help you become fluent and effective in all things social media!" 

--Sam Luce, Utica Campus Pastor and Global Family Pastor

"Until now, trial and error was the primary avenue for church leaders to learn about social media. For those learners looking for the manual, it's here! Terrace has pulled together encouragement, stories, and practical how-to's together in one helpful place-- through Going Social!

--Kem Meyer, Communications Director, Granger Community Church and Author of Less Clutter, Less Noise.

"If you're on the fence about using social media in ministry, Going Social is a push in the right direction. If you're unsure about how to get started, Going Social is the primer you need. If your social media efforts aren't producing any engagement, Going Social is the guidebook you've been waiting for!"

--Scott McClellan, Director, The Echo Conference; Editor of Echo Hub

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