Please Pray for these Pastors & Families!

Over the last year God has really made it clear to me that I have a heart and passion for a few things. Two of those things are mentoring young leaders and the other is serving as a pastor and coach to other pastors.  Having said that, I'm constantly praying for other leaders ... and sometimes, well, the needs seem so great that I can't help but ask others to be involved in prayer and support.  This is one of those times.

I became aware of a local pastor's loss just a few days ago.  Steve Swisher is the Senior Pastor of Essential Church here in Virginia Beach.  His wife, Melissa, lost her brother weeks ago to suicide and the trauma of that loss sent her spiraling into a deep depression that would ultimately take her life.  Despite being under professional care, last week, Melissa took a lethal dose of medication which resulted in emergency hospitalization. Four days later she passed into Eternity. She leaves behind 3 small children (ages 7,5, and 4 -- one with special needs), and, of course her husband -- the pastor. My heart is burdened for this dear family and their tragic loss. Please pray for them. 

There has also been a special memorial fund set up to help take care of the children and help honor Melissa. If you'd like to donate you can contact your local Wells Fargo Bank and contribute to the "Swisher Children Care Fund."

Last week I was talking with Josh Sumpter, a youth pastor from PA who is in my Youth Worker Coaching Network.  He asked me to pray for a local youth worker friend of his, Erin Jedlowski, who was involved in a traffic accident. Erin has been serving at First Methodist Church in Waynesburg, PA for a short while and was leading a team of students to Slidell, LA on a missions trip when the van she was driving flipped after a tire blew out. Everyone on the van apparently walked away with minor injuries except Erin, who was hospitalized in TN. I've been praying, with Josh, over Erin's care and today I received word today that she passed away. My heart is broken for the church, students, and, of course, Erin's family and friends.  Please pray for everyone during this time.

Finally, there are a couple of youth workers who are in transition that are on my heart. One resigned from his position a few short days ago while another was let go. My heart goes out to them and I cover them with my prayers because I know it's not an easy season for them.

All of these leaders represent countless others who are hurting. Would you please join me in prayer for these ministry friends?  And please... take care of your pastor(s) and staff in your churches. Stand with them... support them... encourage them!

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