Move Over Jack Bauer

Yesterday I had my very first experience at a firing range. Yes... I needed to man-up. Now, contrary to the gun-carrying, Texas pastor who may believe that I've never shot a gun at all, I've fired shotguns and rifles many times. I've never shot a pistol.

A pastor friend of mine took me and this friend to a local firing range during lunch. Once we started checking in the manager asked us to fill out this form before we could begin. I filled out the form but did not realize there was a page full of clauses, rules and threats (just kidding) on the back of the form. The manager immediately asked me if I had read the back of the form and I said "no." I turned it over and really gave it the "once over" and signed the thing. I know, that was not smart. It was not smart for many reasons but mainly because there was a TEST. Oh yes, we had a test and I was not ready for it.

So the 3 of us are standing there and he begins to quiz us on what we've just read. I, of course, begin to fail miserably because I didn't read the whole thing! Midway through I asked if I could use a lifeline. He didn't find that funny. He said "strike one." "You only get three." I began to get nervous and turned to each of my friends and told them they may have to go ahead without me. A line started forming behind us. (Apparently the firing range is very popular during the middle of the week around lunch time.) One of my pastor friends began to tell the folks behind us that they could "go head because we were going to be there for a while." I can take a hint.

Much later we finished the test, grabbed our targets and were ready to practice our Jack Bauer skills. Here's a tip: If you ever plan to visit a firing range dress like an eskimo. Seriously, it was like a meat locker in there! I'm told that is to keep the lead levels down. Who knew? I actually researched it this afternoon and that is true. In fact, firing ranges are inspected carefully for their ventilation. Makes sense. Long story short - I could very well be Jack Bauer's apprentice. Out of 17 shots fired (with my 9mm glock) I nailed the victim (or target I should say) 12 times. Afterwards the manager shook his head at me (with a smile on his face) and I simply said "my picture is going to go on the wall after this experience, right?" Move over Jack Bauer.

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5 Responses to “Move Over Jack Bauer”

  1. # Blogger jeremy Daniels

    Awesome % , 12 of 19's not bad for a first time.
    I can't even do that good on Wii's Carnival Games shooting gallery mini-game! ha  

  2. # Anonymous ZAK BAUER

    you went to the range and SHOT JUST 17 times? When I go, I fire off about 200-300 rounds. c'mon...jack bauer my ARSE.


  3. # Blogger Terrace Crawford

    @Jeremy - Thanks bro
    @FakeZakBauer - Well, it was lunch break... and we 3 split the ammo.


  4. # Blogger Jonathan

    Sounds like a good start! I don't know after the last few times I saw Jack Bauer shoot, You might has more hits LOL!!! :)  

  5. # Blogger Rob

    Tell the truth you did this because you need to be prepared. You now live on the Hampton, Bad News side of the water.  

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