Win Rob Bell's "Jesus Wants to Save Christians"

One of the books I'm currently reading is "Jesus Wants to Save Christians" by Rob Bell. I was able to snag a couple of extra copies of the book and thought I'd create a little twitter-friendly contest to give them away so we could read it together.

Here is how you win a copy of this book for you (and a twitter friend)

1. Follow me on twitter.
2. From your existing or new Twitter account, create a twitter post with the following text:@terracecrawford is giving away "Jesus Wants to Save Christians" here Comment with my twittername & we both win!
3. You can only win by using your twitter account (and, then of course you have to comment here - with YOUR twitter name and the twitter name of the person who sent you).
4. You can only enter once.
5. Have your twitter follower leave a comment on this post with you as a reference. This is the only way entries are complete.
6. I’ll check your twitter feed and make sure you play by the rules…
7. On Wednesday, 5:00pm eastern time, I’ll use to pick a random winner from the comments and they will win a book and if you referred them YOU will win a book as well.
8. I cannot win (and don't want to as I already have a copy of the book)... so make sure you mention a different member of your twitter family who is tweeting about this.

If you are here because of a tweet you saw comment and let us know who sent you! (Remember, it cannot be ME)

Please note: You can only comment once. If you have sent 50 people here…you have 50 chances to win! So you are NOT penalized for having a large following. Your best chance to win is to send people right here.

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28 Responses to “Win Rob Bell's "Jesus Wants to Save Christians"”

  1. # Blogger Jake

    Ur twitter name: terrancecrawford
    my twitter: tehsusenoh

  2. # Blogger Jonathan

    I am not sure where to post the twitter name..

    Twitter name: JCChaser
    I sent myself  

  3. # Anonymous Nick

    @nickcarnes so far @nickcarnes sent me.  

  4. # Blogger jeremy Daniels

    @jcdaniels was sent by @terracecrawford ( i know you can't win, but you are who you are!)  

  5. # Blogger shawn elledge

    @shawnelledge referred by

    I like everyone else so far have been directed here by your original tweet... but I bet sooner or later Dave will post your required text, and I will eventually see his tweet which will alert me to enter. So how's that for logic! *wink wink, nudge nudge  

  6. # Blogger AngelAmidala

    @angelamidala was sent by @terracecrawford

    Yes I know you can't win but if I made the original tweet then I'm not sure how someone other than you sent me. *is confused now*  

  7. # Anonymous Anonymous

    @foolishheart referred by @shawnelledge

    No winking logic required. ;o)  

  8. # Blogger Sarah

    @sarahewilson sent by @clyderandall

    I was legitimately sent here by clyde. Browsed through a copy of this book at Barnes and Noble's this weekend and would really love to own it.  

  9. # Anonymous frankie creel

    @frankiecreel referred by @joshbrickey  

  10. # Anonymous Chris Reeder
  11. # Anonymous Chris Tschabold

    @chrismt referred by @justinrp  

  12. # Blogger TeriRN

    @TeriRN was sent by @ChrisReeder  

  13. # Anonymous Anonymous

    @mattdantodd, sent here by @terracecrawford  

  14. # Anonymous jessephillips

    @jessephillips, sent here by @catalystatlanta  

  15. # Blogger Jim Clark

    @nickcarnes sent me...
    I'm @doctyndale  

  16. # Blogger Rahul

    @catalystatlanta sent me
    @rahulusfbcm is me!  

  17. # Blogger Shannon Smith

    @rshannonsmith, sent here by @jessephillips  

  18. # Anonymous Rob Edwards

    I am @robedwardslive
    and @jessephillips sent me!  

  19. # Blogger Jason Fairbanks

    @jasonfairbanks sent by @catalystatlanta  

  20. # Anonymous Faye

    I'm @rfbryant & @nickcarnes sent me

    Cool idea! Thanks!  

  21. # Blogger Justin

    @drumdog00 and @nickcarnes sent me!  

  22. # Anonymous Anonymous

    twitter name :jalack75
    twitter referer: @nickcarnes  

  23. # Anonymous and the winner is, Zak White

    @cadillaczak, sent here by @scottmo


  24. # Anonymous Rodney Cannon

    My Twitter name: CannonMan
    My recommended tweet: catalystatlanta  

  25. # Blogger David

    sent by @doctyndale  

  26. # Anonymous Anonymous


    sent here by @catalystatlanta  

  27. # Anonymous Anonymous


    sent here by @catalystatlanta  

  28. # Blogger Terrace Crawford

    Contest Closed.

    A Winner was declared on February 11, 2009 @ 5PM eastern time. Thanks for participating.  

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